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    Should the .22 short be considered for concealed carry?

    My answer is a resounding YES! This is a trick question but I do stand by my statement.

    Is it the most effective caliber for self-protection? Of course not. Most people will agree that something in the 40 S&W / .45 ACP range would be much more effective except for one thing -- you must actually have it on your person. A 50 S&W is completely ineffective if it is under the seat of your car while you are being mugged on the street. The most effective gun for self-defence is the one you have on your person. 29 grains out of a North /////////////American Arms .22 short can do wonders towards changing a thug's priorities when it enters his midsection.

    Of course we now have several much better options in a mineature handgun. Even the venerable 9mm Luger cartridge is now available in a very small package. The point I am trying to make is while a 1911 may be an excellent weapon, there will undoubtedly be occasions when it simply isn't practical to carry one. Isn't your life worth the price of subcompact pistol in addition to that Beretta 96?

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  4. I carry a Walther P-22...CCI mini mags...

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    I am not trusting my life to anything smaller than a .38 Special in a handgun. A .22 short may do the job, or it may just piss off and already violent attacker. This is my opinion, worth what you paid for it.

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    Many opinions are worth less than you pay for them.

    Proverbs 16:18-28. Pride comes before destruction, and an arrogant spirit before a fall.

    I'm wondering what sort of answers a modern sports prognosticator would have aired from an interview with Goliath as he was standing before all of Israel, challenging their entire people to send out their best, and then saw a young sheep-herder coming toward him with a sling.

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    Well of course the 22 short started as a defensive cartridge born in 1857 as the first self contained cartridge for pistols. A heck of a lot of ordinary soldiers and civilians bought it, Soldiers especially as backup because that's what they could afford. In 1860 the S&W Model 1, Second Issue came out, they were 7 shot. Getting shot with anything then was deadly because of infection, no antibiotics and inept doctors.
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    With all the stories and videos out there about people getting shot and still functioning, I dont think Ill be trusting my life to a .22 short. I'd recommend just carrying a BB gun if you want little to no power. But yes your point is a good one. A .22 in the hand is better than a .50 in the truck.

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