How to change your permit to full carry.
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Thread: How to change your permit to full carry.

  1. How to change your permit to full carry.

    Good day all....hope this is the correct place.
    I would to change my permit from full carry or non restricted, can this be done and how.

  3. How to change your permit to full carry.

    What state do you live in?

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    welcome to the forum dasher33! i never heard of a partial permit so i'll be looking forward to seeing others replies to your inquiry
    best wishes
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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    orange county, ny
    what state are you in? im going to guess NY because it is the only place i know of that gives restrictions. if so your best bet is to call up whoever handles pistol permits in your county and ask them how to go about the process because every county is different. some may just require a letter to the judge, other judges might want to see you in person. even still if you go through the process you are not guarenteed to get your permit changed to unrestricted. it helps if you have taken training classes to show you have a better skill set and more knowledge and show you have been able to posses a handgun without any issues and developed the mindset for an unrestricted. it will also help if you you can provide a reason of why you need unrestricted such as a job opportunity, job change in which now you may carry large amounts of cash, an unfortunate incident that may have occured such as being robbed. hope this helps a little, atleast if you are a fellow NY'er

  6. Thank you all for you responses!

    And yes I'm from New York.....Westchester county..just wanted to put it out there to see if anyone has done this and if thay have any tips in this production

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    I'm not trying to be a wise aker, but I had the same issue years ago, I moved south, now I can carry whatever I want, in fact several if the mood strikes me, concealed or open, of course I did not move solely so I could carry a gun, but it was a nice fringe benifit

  8. Its a lot of hoops to jump in and out of.....but the harder they make the more I want it, it was hard just to get the permit I have.
    Thank you all

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    orange county, ny
    good luck. from what i know westchester is a hard one for unrestricted, i was lucky to get an unrestricted right away here in orange county.

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    Move to PA, no restrictions!

  11. good luck in westchester there is a law suit now about that they seem to want a good reason why you want a full carry. its almost as bad as nyc where i live

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