Just got my new Versacarry IWB carry system
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Thread: Just got my new Versacarry IWB carry system

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    Justin Woith Guest

    Just got my new Versacarry IWB carry system

    While your checking out ccw holsters, check out a Versacarry system.

    I've had my XS Gen II Versacarry system for about a week. It fits my Beretta Nano perfectly. It's comfortable, concealable, and is easily removed from my belt, all while retaining my firearm securely. I'm happy to support an innovative, effective, and affordable product made in the USA!

    It unconventional, but worth a look at versacarry.com.

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    By the way folks, you will be seeing many reviews like the above in that Versacarry is offering discounts to those customers who post reviews on websites and even bigger discounts for those willing to do something like a YouTube video. I just got mine last week for my Kahr PM9. Instructions indicate that to place the gun on the post, one must do it using a 45 degree angle. I don't find it particularly easy to get on the post, and even more difficult to get off if I had to suddenly use the weapon. To "re holster the weapon, the Versacarry must be removed from your belt and then you go through the gymnastics of trying to get the gun on the post in a 45 degree angle. When I want to carry IWB, I will stay with more traditional holsters. I ordered one in that it seemed like an interesting concept, but in practical use, my grandma could probably outdraw someone utilizing one of these gun holders. Great medium for simply putting a gun inside your waistband, but the worst deployment system I have seen in 60 years of shooting.

  4. I've had my Versacarry for about 4 months and love it.......I carry a Taurus TCP with Laser......

  5. Here's part of one review of their "second Generation" (only one they now sell) holster from Romeo Tango Bravo:

    "VersaCarry has developed a half-circle piece that slides into the body of the holster giving the trigger guard of whatever pistol you are using coverage. The issue most people will have with this is that it still leaves the trigger exposed on the opposite side. VersaCarry advises not to carry a pistol with a loaded chamber in their Second Gen. holster for this reason. If your pistol is outfitted with a heavy trigger pull or manual safety you may opt to carry with a loaded chamber, but that is YOUR call. Remember, safety first and foremost."

    Thanks RTB, that's not my cup of tea. YMMV.

  6. Just got my new Versacarry IWB carry system

    Mine works well for a Ruger LC9 with the external safety but I wouldn't use it for my Glocks.

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    Use it on my Shield .40 and love it

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    Here's my experience on VersCArry from an earlier post:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Boston Boy View Post
    Here's my experience on VersCArry from an earlier post:

    Although mine seems secure on the post, jamming the crown of the barrel on a plastic post seems like not the brightest of ideas. I noted that yellow plastic shavings were forming at the bottom of the post. I tried mine out, was totally disappointed, and it will remain the drawer for other discards.

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    Leaving the trigger exposed on a striker fired firearm doesn't seem advisable to me, not to mention the issue with sweat on a firearm over time. I like the ingenuity of the concept, just as I like the ingenuity of the Vanguard by Raven Concealment. I'll stick with my SuperTuck for now, but I do like the Vanguard I have for my wife to use for purse carry, or for me maybe in a cargo pants pocket or something. A place not suitable for clip holsters, but that still needs full trigger coverage.
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    What was it P.T. Barnum said? Oh yea ..........."There's a sucker born every minute."

    People are constantly on the hunt for good and cheep, they're seldom found together and cheep usually wins. Using this plastic abortion with a hot chamer is a ND looking to happen. Just my .02

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