What is the Best .40 cal conceal gun?
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Thread: What is the Best .40 cal conceal gun?

  1. What is the Best .40 cal conceal gun?

    I was wondering what is a good or the best that you think conceal .40 cal to carry

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    I was wondering what is a good or the best that you think conceal .40 cal to carry
    You will get a variety of answer to that question. Everyone here has their favorite and there is no single "good" or "best" out there. For instance one hug variable is firearm size. What is concealable for a 6'8" guy, is not as easily concealable for a 5'2" man or woman. How you plan on dressing, and the seasons will change what will work and not work. Many of us have seasonal guns based on either activity or manner of dress. You need to find the gun that fits your hand, fits your body, fits your wallet and feels like an extension of your arm when pulled - that is the best for you and that's all that really matters.
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  4. thank you that was some good info

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    I'm with dog lips up there , that's a very subjective question. .40S&W is found in several different types of platforms, you can have a 1911 in .40S&W or a GLOCK or a DA/SA such as the S&W4006 BHP makes a .40S&W. The list oges on....

    Give us some more information
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    As far as good quality .40 caliber conceal guns.. there are several to choose from in my opinion...Ruger SR40C, Springfield XD, and the Smith and wesson M+P .40 sub compact.. to name a few... go handle them all and see wich one feels best to you.. don't let the slight difference in costs be a factor, because your life is always worth the money!

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    I carry a Glock 27 all yr. I'm 5'6 175 drive truck run heavy equipment and do asphalt paving and never have any printing issues ever. I carry at 3 o'clock iwb

  8. You could get a wide variety of feedback from such an open question. However, we've all asked this at one point and in some way or another. The best advice I can give is to get your hands on all that you can. Carry with a bunch of different holsters if you have buddies that will share. Carry concealed inside and outside the waistband. Most importantly, practice drawing and firing (if even dry firing) from each weapon you get your hands on.

    Personally, I carry a G19 on me during the cooler months and my LCP when the summer heat is a blazin'. I've put thousands of rounds through each and practice tactical drills as often as I can with my own reloads.

  9. I have carried everything from a full size 45acp down to a sub-compact 9mm and have enjoyed all of them. For me, it is based on what feels good in my hand, how easy it is to conceal and the time of the year for clothing purposes. Currently I am carrying an M&P Shield 40 and I love this little gun. Very easy to hide, easy to shoot and very manageable.
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    None...don't like the round very much

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    Look in the mirror, that's the only place you will get the right answer.

    How did you decide on a .40 cal? I ask, because if you can't decide on the platform, what made you decide on the caliber all ready?

    Why not find what platform you want, then shooting whatever caliber they have available for that handgun, and choosing the largest caliber you can shoot effectively. That may be only the 9mm, or possibly the .45...
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