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  1. Carrying while working for the state

    Question: I have a CC in the state of Oklahoma, I also work for the state and travel about on state business in my personal vehicle. I was told by a new co worker that her supervisor told her she couldn't have a CC permit if she worked for the State, I know that's BS, but I can't find anything regarding carrying my weapon in my car while on state business. I don't take it in anywhere that concerns my job. Can an employer tell you that you can't carry a weapon in your vehicle while you're about their business?

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    Ask a lawyer, they would be able to best advise you on that.

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    Your best bet is to ask an Oklahoma lawyer.

    That said does the state compensate you for the use of your car? If you do there may ba grounds to argue that they've hired the car durring your work day and as such they my be able to prohibit you from carrying a gun in it.

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    Is ask my employer or supervisor. If you choose to carry a gun in your car on their time you tell no one
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  5. This is the situation for state employees in the state of Utah (Department of Transportation employees specifically).
    Several years ago the legislation was passed...'no weapons of any kind on any state property' This included locked in your private vehicle in employee parking lots. This of course ended up in the Utah Supreme Court and was soundly defeated.
    What has transpired since--if you can legally own and posses a firearm, then you can have/transport it on state property and vehicles, if all laws regarding firearms are complied with (loaded, legally loaded, concealed, open carry, no firearms posted facilities etc...).
    Now each division has been given the authority to regulate weapons within their areas (within the law). In my area that means--CCW permit, you can carry concealed anytime, anywhere, except the main state HQ building that is clearly posted.
    Without a permit--well, no one wants to know, or see a firearm in a state vehicle, and there is no restrictions on your private vehicle on state business.
    Not too bad of a situation.
    I do agree with Treo--asking an immediate supervisor for clarification would be a last resort. Try searching firearms 'Policy's and Procedures' for your state division, or other divisions that may have dealt with this issue--policies are public information.

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    I don't find anything against it in the OK gun laws. But I live in Texas. Here an employer can regulate the carrying and possession of a firearm on his property except the parking lot. By state law anyone may keep a loaded firearm locked in their personal vehicle on a company parking lot. I carry everyday and lock mine in the glovebox in my locked car. During working hours I drive a company car and I cannot carry in it.

    Her we have the TSRA "Texas State Rifle Association". In Ok you have the Oklahoma Rifle Association. Oklahoma Rifle Association Est. 1927 ask them. You should be a member and also a member of the NRA to help protect your gun rights. There is strength in numbers.

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