conceal carry in Canada
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Thread: conceal carry in Canada

  1. conceal carry in Canada

    Does anyone know if a USA ccl will let you in Canada to carry while your there

  3. conceal carry in Canada

    Every instructor I have ever had has told me point blank, DON'T bring a handgun to Canada.

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    All hand guns are either prohibited or restricted in Canada. A US state CCL is not recognized by, let alone be all US states.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beaver bill View Post
    Does anyone know if a USA ccl will let you in Canada to carry while your there
    Let us know how that works out for you
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    Only if you want an extended stay in Canada at one of their lovely prisons, not to mention loosing your sidearm.

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    You will not even get past the border legally. One of the questions you are asked when you cross is "Are you carrying or transporting any firearms?"

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    A very simple answer.


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    It's hard enoughto take rifle used to hunt.
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    beaver bill,
    Just returned from a trip to Canada yesterday. You are asked both going into Canada and returning the the US if you have any weapons.
    My suggestion is you leave them home, even knives with over a 3 inch blade.

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    Also, No pepper spray, unless marked "for animal use only".

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