New York Times "What we talk about when we talk about guns"
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Thread: New York Times "What we talk about when we talk about guns"

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    New York Times "What we talk about when we talk about guns"

    This very well-reasoned opinion piece is a conversation between two urban writers. Their conclusions will surprise you.

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    And the beat goes on!

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    Well, they both conclude that we need the Assault Weapons Ban and agree that both sides need to actually try to listen to the other... at least that's what I get out of it. While I see no reason to not to listen to the gun-control side (hell I went and watched Piers Morgan and Michael Moore the other night), I already know I most likely won't agree with probably 90% of what they want... and for damned certain I don't want that stupid ban back.

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    Interesting but I would not say well thought out. It is not a an urban against rural, plenty of people in both environments are on both sides of the argument. Also it seems to me they absolutely ignored the studies that have shown that there is a drop in crime after implementation of carry licenses, the worse crime cities are the ones with the stricter gun laws and mass shootings all happen in gun free zones.

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    You think these people actually understand the Second Amendment and why the drafters of it thought it was a good idea to include it in the first place?
    All we have to do is convince ourselves that the government will take care of us all. All we have to do in return is just believe. Then we can get rid of the 2A and no more gun
    debate, no more guns and no more violence. We can even get rid of the whole Constitution. It just gets in the way of our elected officials doing the "right thing" and taking care of us all. Wow! All problems gone. How could I have been so delusional? All hail BHO! Not to worry the news media will keep it all in check!
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    so....what did all of that mean? that we should agree to disagree? they both live in a large city and really don't have a clue outside of their environment. i would be willieng to bet that neither one of them live in an area that is even close to the inner city. they probably have cops running all over their neighborhood 24/7. so.....nice polite debate that means nothing. they were right about one thing,it is big city and thier politicians against the rest of us.
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