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  1. CCW Saturday.

    Taking the CCW class on Saturday and have no idea what to expect. Can anyone who has taken the class in ky shed a little light on what to expect?

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    i would expect them to go over the gun laws in your state and gun safety and have you demonstrate you can handle a fire arm safely
    that's what they do in florida ccwp class
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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    I teach the class. Expect to be bored thru the videos. I don't your skill level, but it's entry level info. Relax and enjoy......
    When liberals run out of other people's right to infridge upon, how many will give up theirs?

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    If your instructor is LE, then you'll likely get an LE's perspective on how the lowly citizen/serf should act around a holy officer.
    If your instructor is GI, then you'll almost definitely get a grunt's perspective on how the lowly citizen/serf/sheep should act around the mighty officer.

    If your instructor is a knowledgeable citizen, you actually might get to understand exactly how much RIGHTS you STILL have and how you should have been paying closer attention to your local and State elections. Also, you may get a hint of how embarrassingly STUPID most un-studied citizens are just from watching TV & Movies as their firearm and Law trainer. You'll likely also learn exactly why most States call the place where they send their LE wannabes to be ready for public interaction the "CRIMINAL justice Academy". That's where they're taught how to take advantage of the unlearned and unprepared citizen.

    Anyone and Everyone can and SHOULD get a copy of (or frequent a website containing) their respective State's Laws; ESPECIALLY Related to Firearms. If YOU don't know your RIGHTS, and your protection within YOUR LAW, then you have none because you can be talked out of them.

    Study to show thyself WORTHY.

    Don't let PUBLIC EDUCATION be responsible for your legacy of "Gun Control". If you don't train them, who will?

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    Enjoy the class.
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  7. When I took the class in Virginia it was:
    * Quick overview of stance and grip (went over isosceles and weaver)
    * Ready states (low ready and high ready, he showed us about tactical ready but didn't go over it much since we were regular citizens, not SWAT)
    * When you can legally draw
    * Factors to consider when deciding whether or not to draw, regardless of legality
    * Where/when you can and cannot carry
    * Considerations for choosing a weapon and holster
    * Considerations for accessories like flashlights and lasers
    * How to draw
    * Qualification

    Qualification was something like 3 seconds for four shots, draw from holster, two hands, at a silhouette. Did this three times at 9, 15 and 20 feet. 3 shots in four seconds 1 handed at 9 feet. 3 shots in four seconds 1 handed weak hand at 9 feet. All shots had to hit the black of the silhouette. In all strings the target started edged and faced after a random number of seconds. It was a lot of fun, nobody failed.

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    Just my opinion, the KY class is way too easy. There were several in my class that should have had more training on how to handle a firearm.

    Don't worry too much, it's really easy.

    Bring eye and ear protection.
    Don't bring loaded magazines or revolver, you will load 5 rounds per shooting 4 different times for a total of 20 rounds down range.

    You must hit a man sizes target 11 out of 20 times at 21 feet.

    Good luck and don't fall asleep during the videos LOL.

    Where is the class?
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  9. Shooters in Independence KY

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