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    Best Pocket Pistol

    I am looking for advice on purchasing a pocket pistol, I wear shirt and tie daily to work but I want to CCW. Any suggestions?

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    My fav is the Ruger LC9, and then the P-64. Both are 9mm, tho one is a Makarov round.
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    A small internal hammer revolver will allow you to fire it from inside your pocket without causing a malfunction. I do not know revolvers very well so I can't give you any specific model or brand.

    Semi's: 1: Sig P238, 2: Ruger LCP, 3: Khar P380/SW Bodygaurd

    I have yet to handle the XDs...and have only held the P938 once. If the XDs and the 938 are similar in sizes they are pocket capable, albeit slightly large and will print if you look for it. I haven't found anything larger than the 238/380/LCP sized handguns that fit in a pocket without printing.
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    P938, P238, then LC9 ... in that order, all of which I own and pocket carry ... P938 is riding as favorite currently.

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    The XD sub-compacts can be carried in a pocket, but I don't suggest them for it.

  8. I love my Smith & Wesson Bodyguard for pocket carry, put it in your pocket and forget about it unless needed.

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    Seecamp makes a great little mouse gun.....Comes in .380 or .32

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    Boberg XR9-S

    + characteristics - Pocket carry. More muzzle energy than equivalent overall sized guns. 9mm +P (newer barrel +P+). Unbelievably light recoil. Extremely well built; serious fit and finish as well as materials selection. DAO with great trigger (even more coming). Accurate to ranges beyond what you need. No silly replacement schedules for internal components (e.g. springs), rephrased; it runs a long time without changing parts like some other "popular" pocket 9s. 7+1. Extremely effective customer service. Direct contact with the owner/designer. An engineer's gun (also a gun owners gun). Cool beyond all reason (yes I have some of them). Does not rust/corrode. No polymer. Probably less than 1000 in the Universe. Certainly less that 2000. It will take a while to get one (think 6 -12 months). This sucker is just incredibly cool. It is a different and superior technology. In the future there will be two classes of handgun owners; those that have Boberg'd; and other (skulking in the darkness, not able to come to terms with the horrid position of having only "traditional" pocket 9's). No manual safety. DAO. Firing pin blocked to prevent discharge when dropped. If left alone in the kitchen, it will make you a very nice gourmet meal (after hunting and dressing the main course). When rubbed on a problem area on your body (by yourself or a person dedicated to your comfort), this will cure most common and exotic diseases. Well maybe some of this is a bit of an exaggeration, but you really ought to check this out.

    - characteristics - about $1K (compare to capabilities of comparable [loosely] reputable guns in this price range; not really a negative). It will take a while to get one. You will whimper and feel incomplete waiting for your Boberg. But the thrill when you open the box will compensate you for the horror of not having one. When you get it, your termite problem will be resolved, dandruff will cease, impotence (well see how it works out) and the bare patches in your lawn will turn green. Women will suddenly find you attractive and plead to fire your Boberg.

    I rather like them.

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    Another good company.
    I have two of the 32 ACP that are nice and easy to pocket carry.
    They will even hide in a shirt pocket of a flannel shirt in cooler wx.
    With this holster.
    The Nemesis® — DeSantis Holster

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