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    Hello all. Right now I carry a sigma 40 with crossbreed iwb. Thinking of trading or selliong and getting a Ruger Lc9 or Berreta Nano. Anyone have any say on which is better' I know Nano is 6+1 and Lc9 is 7+1. Not to worried bout that.

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    I would say go with what you are comfortable with. I just changed from an SA XD. 40sc to the new XD-s which cuts my round count in half but I feel like I can conceal it easier while maintaining fire power. It's just up to your comfort level.

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    Ruger SR9c is a most excellent carry gun, easy to conceal IWB. So is a Bersa Thunder UC 9mm

  5. I’d suggest finding a range that rents the guns and try them for yourself. If that’s not possible, such as my case, there are some good reviews on YouTube. I was debating between the LC9 and SR9c, and after reading and watching numerous complaints about the LC9’s trigger pull as well finding a trigger fix for the LC9, I went with the SR9c.

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