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  1. Oregon CHL loaded in the car

    If anyone could please clarify. I have my Oregon CHL and keep my loaded gun in my IWB on me at all times. I have now seen several different pieces of information regarding whether or not I can keep a loaded gun on me in the car. I was told by my licensed gun FFL instructor that as long as I have my CHL I am OK. Now I just checked the state concealed carry permit info on this site and it says it is not OK. Please if anyone can clarify. My wife is 8 1/2 months pregnant and I feel naked without my gun, even when I am driving.

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    Go here and check out the Oregon laws

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    As with all such advice, don't trust random strangers, check for yourself, contact a lawyer, etc, etc, etc.

    BUT... Oregon's CHL law specifically states that it overrides all local (city/county) restrictions. Therefore, if you have a CHL, you're good to carry in your car. Only the statewide and federal restrictions (courthouses, airport secure zones, federal buildings, etc,) apply.

    Also for the record note that in Oregon, your car is considered a "public place" with regard to open/concealed carry. So without a CHL, you can open carry in your car (on your hip, or sitting in the open elsewhere in the vehicle,) anywhere you can open carry. (Basically anywhere but Portland, Salem, Beaverton, and a few other towns.)

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