Okla. CC Permit wait +100 days
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Thread: Okla. CC Permit wait +100 days

  1. Okla. CC Permit wait +100 days

    Well my daughter and I turned in our Oklahoma Conceal Carry permit 100 days ago and we are still waiting to be notified by mail.
    The news reported a 45 day wait in April, then 60 day wait in June and a current wait of 97 days.
    We called the Sheriff and they reported a 120 day wait. The news did report that the OSBI has added staff to help with the back log.

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    Wisc here. Hopefully you two get your license soon. Our DOJ finally got it right, so it's less than a week for us!

  4. I too live in OK & I had to wait a total of 127 days.

  5. Okla. CC Permit wait +100 days

    Wisconsin does it right for sure!
    127 days for you Flaco...was that recent?

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    My kansas permit took close to 90 days! Hard to wait that long!! But worth it after you get it!

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    30 days in Henrico, VA... of course they sat on it for 10 before they mailed it. >_>
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    Wow. Too bad you don't have laws like Washington. Here the LEO agency must issue the CPL in 30 days if they have not received a negative response on the background checks - even if there has been no response at all.
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  9. I live in ok too

    I submitted my application in April to and just got my license on Fri

  10. It took me over 120 days in new york and I'm law enforcement.. It'll be worth it

  11. Okla. CC Permit wait +100 days

    Actually the "Law" was written that the total time to issue a permit is not to exceed 90 days.
    The law has been around for 17 years and u waited to avoid the rush! But seems in the last 6 applications have overwhelmed the OSBI...They have added staff to try to caught up..I'll update when we get out permit.."Just seems it will never get here!"

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