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    Brand New!

    Hello All!
    I know my profile hasn't been updated yet, I will be working on that tonight.
    Just wanted to say hi, and that I am brand new to this. My father got his CCL and had convinced me to look into it. I subscribed to the forum a while ago, to look at the laws, carry maps, and additional information, but never really posted anything. I just acquired my first handgun yesterday, and I'm trying to find out a lot of information on everything now. I wasn't able to find a newbie area, nor an introduction thread, so I figured I might as well post in here since it's the most relevant. My weapon is a Springfield XDM 45 ACP Compact, and so far it's quite amazing. The only weapon that feels right in my hands, and is the correct weight. One of my buddies took me out shooting a while back and I tried almost all of his weapons. The springfield is what caught me. I went out looking for an XDS single stack, but once I felt the XDM, I knew it was perfect. It is a bit bigger for concealed carry, but I feel the most comfortable with it. I held the Ruger LC9 (which my dad was telling me to look at) but it just seemed like.. not enough to protect me or anyone else if it had to come down to that. I tried other ones, and they just didnt feel right. I also kept in mind that I wanted my first weapon to be good for concealed, but also fun to shoot at the range, and this seemed like the perfect one for me.

    Anyway, before I sound like a salesman for the product (sorry, not meaning to do that just excited about my first handgun) I had a couple questions for the community. I will be getting my Resident CCL for Texas, Resident for NM, and Resident for Washington, and I was wondering how I would go about traveling with those. Now for most that won't make sense, but I am military, so with a copy of orders I am considered a resident. Texas is my home of record, and since my DL is from there I can get the resident CCL. I've been stationed in NM for a while, and before I move I will be getting my license. Once my proceed date to move has hit, I will be driving to Washington. I see that a CCL for either Tx or NM is honored all the way up until I get to Oregon. I will be driving through a little part of Oregon to get to Washington. I've tried google searches but cannot pull up any official regulations regarding the carry of a weapon in a vehicle through Oregon.

    I guess what I'm asking for is rules about driving through the different states from NM to WA, and if someone can direct me to the laws. Google isn't allpowerful as I thought lol.

    also, what are some good concealed carry items for this weapon?

    Thanks for your guys's time!

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    If you are not covered in any state, put the gun in your trunk and the ammo in the glove compartment. If pulled over by police show them your CCW and let them know the gun is in the trunk.

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    I will keep that in mind thank you! Just want to make sure I'm covered when it comes down to it.
    My dad keeps telling me "Sorry officer, I didnt know" is not an excuse or option when it comes to firearms, and that is something that I keep in mind everyday.

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    Having an XDM 3.8 in .45, I have found it is very easy to conceal with the correct belt and holster.

    Welcome to the forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iam2Taz View Post
    Having an XDM 3.8 in .45, I have found it is very easy to conceal with the correct belt and holster.

    Welcome to the forum.
    That's the one I have!
    How do you know which is the right one?

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    Brand New!

    Federal law covers the transporting of a firearm. As pointed out before, keep the weapon in your trunk. Since neither if you permits will be good in Washington you won't be able to carry until you get you Washington permit. However, you will be able to keep it in your house.
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