North Carolina Concealed Carry
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  1. North Carolina Concealed Carry

    Just wondering for those of you in NC, how long did it take to get your concealed carry permit? Mine is going on six weeks. When it comes to waiting, I am worse than a kid.

  3. I put in for mine on June 6 2012 called sheriffs office July 8 they had it but it was dated June 30 I would call the sheriffs office and ask if it's there hope this helps

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    First off, what County do you live in? If it's Mecklenburg, it'll take all of 6 weeks if not a little longer. Plus seeing that we're "blessed" with the DNC is coming to Charlotte, :( you may not get it until after it's over.
    I've had my ccw for approximately 7 or 8 years now if not longer, if I remember correctly it took about 4-6 weeks. Like Braves stated, I'd call the sheriff's office too. Good luck

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    took mine less than a month .. but that was 5 yrs ago .. .. i hear its anywhere from 30 to 90 days in Carteret County now days .. depends which county you live in .. its how fast the Dept. works there i guess ..


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    Mine was 8 weeks. Health department was slow and held mine up. Call and ask. Dont hurt.
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    12 weeks in Wake County Jan-Mar 2012. I phone after 11 (they told me it would take 8) and the lady said they had no record of my application; then there was some hubbub and getting put on hold; then there was something said about it being in the SBI's hands and it wasn't the fault of the Sheriff's Office it was taking so long. It arrived two days later. I'll never know...

  8. North Carolina Concealed Carry

    Thanks...I was a little hesitant to call as I didn't want to get shuffled to the bottom of the stack. I did call today however and was to it should be in tomorrow afternoon.

  9. You should get it soon, but things may have been delayed because of the DNC coming to town...

  10. Mine (Johnston County) took approx 6 weeks, when I asked it was there and available. I was told it would take 6-8 weeks by the Sheriffs office. I still had 3 more weeks before I was back home to pick it up anyhow.

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    I applied on July 15, 2012 and am still waiting. They said it would take two to three months to get the forms back from the Hospital and mental inst. since there are about 30 applications per month filed here in Asheville.

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