Concealed Carry at Work - Discovered!
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Thread: Concealed Carry at Work - Discovered!

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    Question Concealed Carry at Work - Discovered!

    Evening, all.

    Here's a question I've been pondering and thought I'd share. Let me frame it a bit to hopefully contain the discussion.

    1. I'm not looking for legal advice or a dissertation on my rights. These are out of scope for the discussion.
    2. I'm certain many of you carry concealed at work.
    3. Like me, I'm certain you work with sheeple who wet their pants and run to HR at the first sign of a gun.
    4. I work in a University setting which now affords me (and students) the right to carry concealed (with permit) thanks to the Colorado Supreme Court.
    5. This is not a discussion about various Colorado Universities and how they continue to attempt to limit rights of lawful citizens.

    So, what do I want to know?

    In YOUR work environment, or through friends who lawfully carry, have you ever been (or heard of being) approached by Police, HR, your boss, other Executive, or somebody else because a complaint was filed or the issue raised as to WHY you have a gun at work? For instance, imagine sitting in your office, or cube, or dump truck, and you're suddenly invited to a meeting with your boss, HR, the company President, and a policeman (or 5). They inquire as to your weapon. You're legal. No question. You are NOT breaking any laws. They can't fire you for it.

    What was the outcome? Did you start missing promotions? Did some sheeple quit or transfer? Did 'everybody' learn that you carried? Were you treated differently, maybe not part of 'the group' anymore? See where I'm going with this? I'm interested in the cultural change within the work environment and how it affected the concealed carrier, negatively or positively or whatever.

    Thanks for your responses,


  3. Funny this post came up, a co-worker and I were just discussing this last week. Our company has a no weapons policy. In our store though the managers don't care(or just close their eyes to it) certain managers carry anyway and at least a half dozen others carry at times. I carry at times, (not on my person,in my position it wouldn't work.) It's kind of like we have an unwritten rule that it's ok but if the SHTF anyone caught would be fired. Better to be jobless and save someones or your own life than worry about it. Funny we all know the managers would deny any knowledge of anyone carrying and let someone go even though they carry too. By the way I never admit to anyone that has asked if I'm carrying or not. Deny deny deny. We do have a policy in place so if anyone asks, I just tell them Of course not, it's not allowed.

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    Just curious. Do ethics or honesty come into play at all? It doesn't speak well of a person's character if he or she intentionally defies an employer's policy. At least that's my thought.
    Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man gainst his own bosom. Congress have no power to disarm the militia...Tenche Coxe, The Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788.

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    Do not see a problem.
    I carry concealed.
    No one sees it.
    If God forbids something happens, than will worry about it than

  6. I carry at work all day. Everyone knows and no one has a single problem with it. In fact the owner welcomes it. I am also the only employee that does carry. I am not treated any different than before when I did not carry by anyone there than I am treated now. I am still the same guy, nothing has changed.

  7. I'm an Emt-I, hospital based ambulance service. I have a cwp. @ work there are lots of policies. If anyone is caught CCing, they would be immediately terminated. On the nights I work, i don't even place my gun in my car out of fear of being fired. On work nights I have my smith & Wesson ck5 pocket knife with me.

  8. Before retirement, I worked in a plant that made explosives. The company had a zero tolerance for guns on plant, even for our security people. They did have a safe at the security gate for checking firearms, lighters etc with no repurcussions. They even sponsored weekend trapshoots for employees and family. But not on plant. And among my fellow workers, anyone who didn't have firearms was considered the oddity.

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    Company policy does not allow carry. I have to leave it in the car.
    If it doesn't fit, FORCE it! If it breaks then it needed to be replaced anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcselby1 View Post
    Just curious. Do ethics or honesty come into play at all? It doesn't speak well of a person's character if he or she intentionally defies an employer's policy. At least that's my thought.
    That's the employers policy, not necessarily the employees...
    If, before undertaking some action, you must obtain the permission of society—you are not free, whether such permission is granted to you or not. Only a slave acts on permission. A permission is not a right. Ayn Rand

  11. Concealed Carry at Work - Discovered!

    I carry at my work. And by carry I mean leave it in my briefcase. Usually it's just me in the office and we have an open door policy to the public. I think you see where I'm going here; just me. No boss beside me, people I don't know. I'm gonna have it with me. And I keep one in the chamber as well.

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