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    Hello all, this is my first post here and I am excited about the Intelligent responses I will get. Here is the deal:

    I am a North Carolina resident and have recently moved to Delaware. Regarding my CCH, do I need to retake the training (classroom law and range time) or do I just get issued a new once since I already have mine from North Carolina. If it helps I am a former defense contractor (tactical not clerical)


  3. You will need to check the law for that specific state regarding residency.

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    As a Delaware resident, my understanding is that you will be required to go through the entire "new application" process, which is outlined this website. It is also important to take the class in the same county as your residence. You should check with the Prothonotary's Office in your county for details.

    Good Luck!

  5. I wonder - since Delaware recognizes NC permit for out of state residents but, he is no longer a resident of that state (NC), his NC permit would be null, until Delaware issues theirs. Complicated matters so, he should get legal advise.

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    Your NC lic. is probably already void. If you don't want to have to jump through hoops get a multi-sate ccw. AZ is easy and low $. This is the one I recommend (even though I teach certification for FL & VA) it covers 30 states Delaware being one of them. You still have to fill out a whopping 1/2 page application & submit finger prints & copy of your class cert (I think you can even submit a copy of your NC CCW as proof of competency, but you'd have to check) No photo, no notary etc. thats all. Depending on the agency doing the prints cost (mine was $21.00) the whole thing was $81.00.

    Bob Steadman
    Firearms Instruction

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