What is best concealed holster for a S&W Shield 9mm?
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Thread: What is best concealed holster for a S&W Shield 9mm?

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    What is best concealed holster for a S&W Shield 9mm?

    I was looking for opinions on what is favorite holster for the shield.

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    I ordered from Mackenzie Holsters for my shield yesterday. They have a special going where you buy an IWB and get an OWB for free. Buy IWB Get OWB Free [] - $49.99 : Mackenzie Enterprise!, Take Charge Now! Looked like a good deal to me. Of coarse I don't know how I'll like it till I get it.

  4. Re: What is best concealed holster for a S&W Shield 9mm?

    N82 Tactical Professional Holster. Most comfortable IWB holster I've ever used.

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    Re: What is best concealed holster for a S&W Shield 9mm?

    I carry my shield in a High Noon Holster.

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    I like the Hybrid Holsters, they spread weight the best and their tuckable. I've used both Crossbreed and Kholster, both support the M&P Shield.

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    The Holster Store has a great selection & prices. I own IWB soft tuck & full leather and both are comfortable.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Badwolf75 View Post
    N82 Tactical Professional Holster. Most comfortable IWB holster I've ever used.
    ^^This. I just bought the N82 Tactical Pro holster as well. Love it.

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    There are a bunch of great options, but I have carried and reviewed the minotaur MTAC extensively and I don't think there is a better IWB holster.

    I have included a excerpt of my last review on the MTAC that lists out the reasons I like it... At the bottom I have included a link to see images and the rest of the article

    It looks like a holster.

    Many of the other hybrid holsters look like a piece of kydex riveted to a piece of leather (and for many of them, that is an accurate description). The MTAC has actual stitching, finished leather, finished edges and fasteners covered in a second layer of leather. It looks like a quality piece of gearÖ and it is!

    The leather on the back of the holster keeps you from contacting the fasteners, while the cutout reduces the bulk.
    Itís thin.

    When I started carrying I carried a 9mm Kimber in the best IWB leather hold I could find, but I was shocked how much bulk it added to this gun I had selected for its thinness. (Yeah, go ahead and mock the gun choice. Itís deserved.) It wasnít too long before I realized that I could carry my Glock in a hybrid holster and it would actually be a thinner package.

    The MTAC only adds .18 inch to the thickness of the gun for carry, which happens to be the same thickness as my Wilderness Tactical Instructor belt.

    The holster tension is adjustable.

    Leather is a natural fiber and stretches overtime. On holsters that arenít adjustable, after a little stretch most of your tension is gone. This isnít a giant deal for an IWB holster as the belt can add some additional tension, but I like my holster to have their own tension as well. My normal EDC holster is nearly completely out of adjustment due to its frequent use, but still holds well. The new holster has almost no compression in the tensioner.

    The holster modular design allows it to be purchased in parts.

    You would never buy the kydex body and leather backing separately for your first MTAC, but if you are like me and change carry choices or use it until you wear out the leather, you have the option to replace just part at a lower cost.

    Although like me you will probably just buy another complete holster (like me).

    The belt clips

    As odd as it might sound, I like the Comp-tac belt clips a lot. Kydex belt loops are expensive to make and require the removal of your belt to put on. The injection molded belt clips on the MTAC are contoured to allow them to be slipped on easily, but grip the belt tightly. They can be adjusted to change the cant easily and use the same hard wear as the holster tension adjustments, so they can changed with the supplied Allen wrench.
    A closer look at how my favorite holster has changedÖ the Comp-tac MTAC | When the Balloon Goes Up!

  10. The choice of carry holster is on you not anyone else. What works perfect for all the people answering may be the absolute wost choice for you. Any GOOD gun shop will let you try out what they stock to see what fits YOU best. If it is not comfortable, accessible and properly positioned then it is just wasted money.

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