best defense ammo do a 40 cal?
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Thread: best defense ammo do a 40 cal?

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    best defense ammo do a 40 cal?

    What do you think is the best defense ammo to use for every day carry?

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    Any modern defensive ammo will be sufficient as long as it cycles reliably in your firearm. I use speer gold dot in my defensive firearms.
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    Just pick one of the popular, reliable brands like Remington Golden Saber, Winchester PDX1, Speer Gold Dot, etc. and shoot a few to make sure they cycle through your gun fine.

    Everyone has their preference for a random brand, I just chose 180 grain Remington Home Defense BJHP.

    I would argue it is more important to just get your shots on target than to argue about which major manufacturer makes the better round when they are all reliable. The difference between major manufacturers of .40SW is small, but the difference between where you place your shots is huge. Dont worry about who makes the "best" round.

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    Our Sheriff's Dept requires us to use Speer Gold Dot HP, 180 gr. I personally train with 180 gr Blazer Brass FMJ (for cost reasons) and cycle a few rounds of the Speer just to make sure they cycle properly. I have a Glock 23 and Glock 22 and anything I have put in them they have eaten up and have thrown the lead down range.

    I'll echo DesertEagle... any round that you put on target will be better than the "perfect round" that someone has conceived. Most manufacturers of 180 gr HP will be fairly similar.

    I've heard some say they throw a FMJ round mixed in with their HP in case an aggressor is wearing body armor. I don't recommend this since the FMJ round could conceivably go through your target and into an innocent. I do however do a drill called the body armor drill for this purpose. Two shots center of mass... the target doesn't go down(body armor).... one shot ocular cavity.
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    165gr Federal HST. Scary good in ballistic gel tests and cycles very well in a glock 27.

  7. DO NOT use ball (FMJ) ammo. I'd be afraid of full-penetration, then the round fully penetrating a couple walls and one of my neighbors' houses. I have a large selection of ammo but I prefer 155gr Federal Hydra-Shok (I can't get HST around here and I get boxes of Hydra-Shoks for $30) for my P229. Also have some Winchester PDX1 and Hornady Critical Defense. Don't just load up a few mags without going to the range first and trying out the ammunition and cycle the rounds through the chamber if you have them loaded for a good amount of time. It'll prevent you from having to buy new mags or mag springs. It's whatever performs best in your gun, cycles, and is the most accurate. The last thing you need is an FTE or FTF when in a life or death scenario.

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    best defense ammo do a 40 cal?

    165 federal hydra shok's. cycle well in my Glock 22.

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    best defense ammo do a 40 cal?

    Either 135grn Corbon or Winchester Silvertip 155grn.
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    Both will kill you.. Both are reliable.

    Carry gun is a S&W M&P FS .40 cal.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Terry 2 View Post
    165 federal hydra shok's. cycle well in my Glock 22.
    You CCW Your G22? I own one but I'm too damn skinny to carry a full-size pistol and not print. He'll I can't even carry my P229 or my G30SF unless it's shitty cold outside (like right now).

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    I like 165’s speer gold dots. Glock 23
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