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Thread: Sig P938 for Smartcarry

  1. Sig P938 for Smartcarry

    I am thinking about buying a Sig P938 to carry in a Smartcarry holster. I am interested in your experiences if you have carried this weapon with the Smartcarry or Thunderwear systems. Does it conceal well? Does the safety ever come off? Are there any other issues or pointers you'd care to share? Thanks.

  3. I'm looking into buying one of them also. I'll be interested in seeing what replies you get.

  4. It appears that few have carried the P938 in this manner? Does anyone have experience carrying the P238 in a Smartcarry or Thunderwear system? Thanks.

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    I carry a Kel Tec PF9 in a Smartcarry. It's definitely a great option for deep concealment. My biggest complaint, since I spend much of my day sitting, is that it tends to ride up a bit, causing some garments to ride up as well--if you catch my drift. By the end of the day it feels great to get the Smartcarry off. Also, bear in mind the color and type of pants you'll be wearing. I work in a business casual environment and can only Smartcarry with certain pairs of pants (dark--black, navy, or dark grey) for fear of serious printing from the grip. I also tend to wear more modern "cut" pants, so that's caused a few problems too. Drawing is a little challenging, but that can be overcome with practice.

    I'd certainly recommend picking one up and trying it out. I think you'll be happy with it!

  6. Huge fan of the smart carry. I use it for my Ruger LCP, SP101, and Shield 9mm. It's my go to system for work. Is it perfect, probably not but I like it more than ankle/pocket or not carrying at all. My G19 is too wide and too long to conceal in this manner. Good luck.

  7. A concealed carry holster needs to meet four criteria. It should (1) allow you to carry the weapon safely; (2) conceal the weapon; (3) allow for ease of access; and (4) be comfortable. I've now used the SmartCarry holster with my P938 50-75 times. Based on that experience, here are my impressions.

    Safety: A+. The holster protects the trigger and never has it once disturbed the thumb safety. I always carry with a round in the chamber, with complete confidence.

    Concealment: A-. If you wear a jacket or sweater, you'll have almost complete concealment. If not, there is some printing. The printing does not scream "gun!," but it could lead to uncomfortable questions. I don't think that anyone has been suspicious of me. But then again, I wouldn't necessarily know. Also, the weapon rides up, which tends to happen when you sit, which increases the printing.

    Ease of access: B+. I'm grading on a curve. If you want complete access, open carry. Concealed carry is all about trade offs, and one of the trade offs with SmartCarry is that it takes a few seconds to draw. Still, I don't think that the SmartCarry compares unfavorably to pocket carry. Once can be faster than the other depending on what you're wearing and how you're standing or seated. Also, ease of access depends partly on your common sense. Wearing suspenders or a looser belt helps.

    Comfort: B+. This is toughest aspect to grade. I typically carry for 10-11 hours at a time. I've found that, once you know how to position the holster, and you wear the right clothes, SmartCarry can be quite comfortable. Not as comfortable as not carrying, but comfortable enough that I don't mind carrying for extended periods. With the wrong trousers, SmartCarry can be unpleasant. Also, you have to take into account your body type. I am of medium build. If I were overweight or small, SmartCarry might not work for me, at least not with this weapon. If I were larger, I might carry a larger weapon in my SmartCarry. As it is, the P938 is about the largest weapon I would use with this holster.

    Finally, I should add that the holster has held up well so far, but it's too soon to evaluate its durability.

    In sum, based on my experience, I commend using SmartCarry with the P938.

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    I carry a P-238 in a Remora clipless IWB, love it. Stays in place in whatever condition. Never had a problem. conceals nicely. I'm retired living in Las Vegas, wear shorts most of the year! use Sigs extended mags, not the standard one.

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    Always wondered whether Thunderwear was comfortable.
    I've shied away from trying it though because I don't consider "pointing at my junk" to be a safe direction.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by kerb View Post
    Always wondered whether Thunderwear was comfortable.
    I've shied away from trying it though because I don't consider "pointing at my junk" to be a safe direction.
    When you carry with other methods, such as pocket carry in the front pocket, the weapon is often pointed at others. Anyone who is OK with that should have no problem with a carry method that points the weapon only at himself. I'm certain that I won't have a negligent discharge but, if I were somehow wrong about that, I'd rather shoot myself than anyone else.

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    My son has a P238. I have fired it multiple times. Racking the slide is very light and easy. I am thinking of purchasing one for my wife who has some wrist issues and cannot handle a heavy-action automatic. I would heartily recommend the P238as a pocket carry pistol.

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