Any SCCY cpx2 owners out there?
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Thread: Any SCCY cpx2 owners out there?

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    Any SCCY cpx2 owners out there?

    I just purchased a SCCY cpx2 and u was wondering there was concealed carry holster? I would prefer to have an inside the waist band holster. Thanks

  3. Check out Remora holsters, mine works great. Home of the Original Remora No Clip IWB Concealment Holster

  4. Try I've bought several holsters from them and have been pleased with them. They custom make them and I usually receive them in a week. The link below will take you directly to their SCCY holsters.


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    I own a CPX-2 for concealed carry. It is great. I purchased a holster by searching for a Keltec p11 and it fits my CPX perfectly.

  6. Try Foxx holders. I have one of their little Foxx hybrids for my sccy. $39 delivered. Got it in a week. Fits great. I have other Foxx holsters and have no complaints Home

  7. I was at my lgs tonight and saw 2 cpx-2's. On with black slide, one with as slide. The as slide had a slide release that looked like the website's the black had a lower profile release. Which is newer?

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  8. Dang auto correct!!! The "as"s should be "ss".

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