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  1. Holster question

    I just got a px4 storm compact and my dad bought a viridian c5 green laser for it. I was wondering if anyone knew of any IWB holsters that will fit right with the laser on.

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    cross breed supertuck for your px4 compact.I have one in a 40 cal.Almost 5000 rds. down range with no problens.Enjoy it.

  4. The c5 laser will fit?

  5. White Hat Holsters... Has an option for the Viridian C5. Better than crossbreed.

  6. Try theholsterstore.com. I've bought several holsters from them and have been pleased with them. They custom make them and I received them in about a week. The link below will take you to their home page.

    THE HOLSTER STORE | Quality American Holsters, Custom Leather Holsters, Holsters Online.

  7. Thanks for the help, anyone know if the blackhawk nylon holster will work? A friend suggested that

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