Who knows you carry?
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Thread: Who knows you carry?

  1. Who knows you carry?

    Sec. 11.61.220. Misconduct involving weapons in the fifth degree.

    (a) A person commits the crime of misconduct involving weapons in the fifth degree if the person (1) is 21 years of age or older and knowingly possesses a deadly weapon, other than an ordinary pocket knife or a defensive weapon, (A) that is concealed on the person, and, when contacted by a peace officer, the person fails to (i) immediately inform the peace officer of that possession; or (ii) allow the peace officer to secure the deadly weapon, or fails to secure the weapon at the direction of the peace officer, during the duration of the contact; (B) that is concealed on the person within the residence of another person unless the person has first obtained the express permission of an adult residing there to bring a concealed deadly weapon within the residence

    I carry concealed so people don't know, but if I go to say pick up my god kids from their friends house I have to reveal or make up some excuse to not go in. I prefer entering so I can check the environment the kids are exposed to. I am left with go in naked or tell... I hate this part of our law.

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    State? I'm glad I don't live there.


  4. Alaska... I'm glad i do live here. Very few laws in comparison.

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    My friends and family know I carry and I don't go anywhere else where it is a problem except the post office. You are right it is a pain. Looks like the Alaska code.
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    In Georgia and Florida, it's not a crime even if they have "no guns" stickers. However, if they DO find out they can ask you to leave and if you don't comply "in a reasonable time" its trespassing. You are also not required to inform LEOs you are carrying. Concealed means just that.

    Also Georgia makes no distinction between concealed and open carry. You need a permit for both but if you have one it's the same thing under the law.

    Some people know... Usually people who take interest in that sort of thing are carrying as well and it's always good to know you have backup in a situation. I don't generally talk about it because concealed means concealed. I also don't talk about what underpants I'm wearing.

    Sometimes I bring it up when I feel someone needs to be educated about guns (I guess I'm a bit activist when it comes to that sort of thing) but my wife NEVER tells anyone except me if she's talking hers... Mostly for the backup scenario or so I don't go looking for her gun if she's out somewhere and I need it. Good to know where all the guns are and where they aren't.

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    Everyone in my family and close friends know if my pants are on I'm carrying. If not dressed it's within easy reach.
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  8. Same here in AR. Must inform owner/tenants of the home. I carry in my parents home, my dad found it one day when we did the departure hug thing. Slapped it a few times, and I told him I carry everywhere legal. He didn't say no or anything else, so I continue to carry there. I would honor his wish, if he said nogo, and put it in the safe in the car. He should have his chcl by now also. The concealed carry permits here have gone through the roof. They can't keep up.

    All I may say is let your conscience be your guide, and read the carry laws carefully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blarg View Post
    I also don't talk about what underpants I'm wearing.
    Well... what can I say? When I got my first cell phone, the only case they had was a small one, made out of a leopard print. I wore it for a while, and when someone would comment about it, I would just answer, "It matches my panties."
    Sure did get some surprised looks out of the ladies, and a lot of laughs, also....
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    Who knows you carry?

    The perp will if it's come to that. Hopefully it'll never come to that but not retreating if it's a life threating event. There will be lead poisoning
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    As few as possible for me.

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