Illinois conceal carry ban ruled unconstitutional
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Thread: Illinois conceal carry ban ruled unconstitutional

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    Illinois conceal carry ban ruled unconstitutional

    In a 6-4 decision, the 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals overruled AG Madigan and the Dem supermajority legislature, ordering them to rewrite their conceal carry laws to conform with the Second Amendment. Illinois is losing this battle, slowly albeit surely.

    Court says Illinois must rewrite curbs on carrying concealed guns - Yahoo! News

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    I sure hope Illinois FINALLY will allow conceal carry. I have family who still live in the "land of obummer." I have to go there to visit and hate not being able to protect myself and my family will there. I expect they MAY pass something but will not recognize or allow anyone from other states to carry like some other liberal states. Also they will most likely pass a "MAY issue."

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    the battle is far from over, only when the average joe can obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon in places like chicago can it be claim that the tyrants in power there have been defeated

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    It's a step in the right direction with a long way left to go. My husband is looking for a new job (he's a pilot) and we've passed on opportunities in Illinois for these very laws.

  6. Not any state I would ever live in or even visit.

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    I avoid that state like the plague
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  8. House Speaker Michael Madigan (who's been in office since 1971), also the father of our wonderful AG, Lisa Madigan, intends on ramming through a may issue permit bill next week. This is gonna be a full-out brawl that'll make the campaign against the lame duck gun ban look like a sandbox argument between two little kids. Unlike NY, we always get the heads up way ahead of time before something like this is gonna go down so we can melt the phone lines, jam up the mailboxes, fill up voicemail boxes, and call and email all of the pro-gun Reps and Senators to notify them of the Speaker's intentions since I'd venture to say that hardly any of them are aware. He has three shell bills that have made it to the floor. All he needs to do is amend them, get a vote, get a vote on a bill in the Senate (there's a shell bill with a short title sitting in committee in the Senate, it has a co-sponsor which is odd for a bill with no legislative language), reconcile, send to Quinn, shaft Illinoisans. Not. Gonna. Happen.

  9. Illinois conceal carry ban ruled unconstitutional

    Any updates on this? Are we going to have constitutional carry?

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    I saw something about this on the news this morning. Apparently, if the Illinois legislature doesn't take action before June, anyone with a FOID card supposedly will be able to carry concealed, and the very thought of that happeneing frightens many Chicago-area legislators.

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  11. There's so many balls up in the air, we're trying to deal with all scenarios. One thing is certain, IF Lisa Madigan decides to take this to SCOTUS, we have Paul Clement on retainer and he will argue the case. Clement is Bush II's former Solicitor General and a Prof of Constitutional Law at Georgetown.

    I don't believe that SCOTUS will take this though. If you read the extension filed by Scodro, Madigan's counsel and IL SG, it is facially defective in that it cites a circuit split between CA2, CA4, and CA7. There is no such split. CA7 ruled that a complete ban on carry is unconstitutional while CAs 2 & 4 ruled may issue is constitutional. That is not a split. He will be forced to raise this in the cert petition if it is filed, no doubt the Justices (obviously not Kagan) will actually research his claims, plus they just reviewed Kachalsky. If an issue raised in a petition is without merit, cert shall be denied...period. She will not get a stay of the mandate either since CA7 has ruled that a stay of a mandate is not warranted if there is no circuit split. If she's gonna move on this, look for some action to start on the 31st or around there since she must petition CA7 for a stay of the mandate, the stay of the mandate is scheduled to be lifted on the 10th of June, and Gura has 10 days to file a response, maybe less but he must be given reasonable time. If she gets denied she can petition Kagan I dunno Kagan should be leery if a lower court denies it.

    Tom Dart, Crook County Sheriff, has proposed his own may issue system if the mandate is issued on June 9th with no carry law on the books. If you can afford private security then you will not be issued a permit. That one gets me. He needs to learn his place, he's a law enforcer not a law maker....this isn't "Judge Dredd."

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