Carry on Motorcycle
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Thread: Carry on Motorcycle

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    Carry on Motorcycle

    Do any of u guys or girls carry while u ride? I havent yet but am thinking about. Only had my permit about a year now.

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    Carry on Motorcycle

    I carry everywhere it is legal for me to carry except swimming. We rode to California and back last spring and I pocket carried.
    "Lets Be Careful Out There!"


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    Carry on my motorcycle all the time. Being concealed, no one knows I have it. Have not had to travel to any states that does not recognize my permit yet on the motorcycle. That will be the next hurdle. Protection while riding is just as important as any other time. Ride and stay safe.

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    carry the same way I do every day. But since I ride year around (yes, I live in MI), not a stretch for me. As previously stated, concealed is concealed. Friend of mine OC's when riding. No one seems to notice, but then a dark handgun in a black holster on a black motorcycle tends not to stand out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wvoutlaw805 View Post
    Do any of u guys or girls carry while u ride? I havent yet but am thinking about. Only had my permit about a year now.
    Yes, I carry IWB every time I ride. What's taking you so long?

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    I carry as well on my bike, primarily IWB with a longer shirt tucked under on the saddle with no problems. I wear one size too big shirts anyways so it tends to blow and blouse in the wind so it's no problem.

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    Yup, I carry.

    Usually IWB, but sometimes in my tank bag (which I remove and carry with me if I leave the motorcycle.)


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    Sometimes it's visible, and sometimes it's concealed, but I too carry while riding.

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    If you look you can probably find a leather mc jacket with a "pistol pocket". I have one and it is the easiest way for me to carry. I have also OC with a hoodie on or a blazer. But in OK you can OC.

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    I live in Washington. I carry while I ride my 2004 Yamaha R1. Right side owb openly carried just like I carry everywhere else.

    This is the most comfortable way for me to carry allowing me to focus on what's really important when I ride. It also allows me to access my firearm when I'm going to and from my motorcycle while wearing proper protective jackets and gloves, and allows me to wear proper sized pants that will stay on if I were to crash.
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