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Thread: truck stops with casinos

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    Call the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office.
    cops are not always a good source for info, it would be better if he called the licensing agency in Baton Rouge

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    In Nevada you can carry in a casino even if they have a sign. Signs carry no weight of law. However, if they ask you to leave and you don't you can be arrested for trespassing. Reservations are another story no mater where you are.

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    It's different in different states. Here in Indiana, casinos are off limits, but truck stops aren't; as for whether you can carry in a truck stop that has a casino within that's tough to say. However since casinos in this state can only be on water, it's unlikely anyone at a truck stop would have to worry about running afoul of the law here.

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  5. Quote Originally Posted by MadMAF View Post
    Call the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office.
    And you will get the opinion of the person on the other end of the phone line which might agree with what the law really is, or might be complete B.S. It's hardly ever a good idea to ask a LEO for legal advice.
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  6. the truck stop in question is not on an indian reservation. the restaurant and casino are both in the same building,but the two are separated by a wall and has walkthru doors between the restaurant and casino. casino serves alcohol,restaurant does not. thats why i am questioning this. i sent an email to the concealed handgun unit in Baton Rouge today,but probably wont get a response untill monday.i will post their response when i do

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