truck stops with casinos
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Thread: truck stops with casinos

  1. truck stops with casinos

    can a person carry concealed into a truck stop with casinos ? i am thinking no but want to be sure. at this particular one, there arent any no gun signs in the restaurant which is where i would be. wont be going into the casino. any thoughts ? thanks

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    Another thread thats probably here for a extended stay, LOL, being that there is no signs, as I have said several times if your weapon is well concealed, go in do your buisness and leave, but above all keep your mouth shut about the gun
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    Check that states laws on the casino.

  5. Depends on the state, if the casino is on Indian Reservation land it becomes a very tricky issue as it is up to each individual tribe, not state law as to whether you can carry concealed on the reservation at all, they often don't have the laws well posted or accessible and can change them at any time. If the casino is not on reservation land, such as Nevada, I believe you can carry there with a permit as long as they are not posted.

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    yes and no

    I believe you can in truck stops, but not casinos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GB-Boater View Post
    Check that states laws on the casino.
    What gb boater said..........that simple.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by dad45acp View Post
    What gb boater said..........that simple.
    Not that simple, as I mentioned before the casino and land around it may fall under tribal and not state law, then it's totally up in the air.

  9. i am located in the parish of caddo,state of louisiana

  10. Call the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office.

  11. I know my state doesn't matter much to you but possibly others. In Oregon Reservations are a no no for CC. Unwritten from tribes say someone with a Oregon CHL can go THROUGH the reservation, no stops. Sort of an old handshake agreement.
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