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Thread: PA CCW Reciprocity Has Changed

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    NH still works for now but is a Category 1 State with a reciprocity agreement and she probably has changes in the works. Utah is a Category 2 reciprocity state and reciprocity is by statute. It may be more difficult for her to change. UT requires a 4 hour UT class.
    Yea that seems the consensus hopefully she doesn't go after it. From what I have heard her main objective is to stop residents who got turned down from PA going out and getting other permits. Why she doesn't do what Delaware does is beyond me because and correct me if I am wrong I believe Delaware will accept non res Florida permits from someone like me but, won't accept it from a Delaware resident. The Utah permit is a little harder to get because I believe if you state offers it you have to have it to get the Utah. I guess I don't understand if you are a felon in PA why wouldn't Florida or another state pick that up?

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    What a setback, only criminals will bring guns into PA now.

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    Well that stinks does anyone know what her plans are? Meaning is she trying to stop all non-resident permits in PA. I wish they would (PA that is) open their permits to states like NJ. You can be from Illinois but across the river were screwed because technically NJ is a may issue state which, we all know that we are right denied. I visit PA a lot but now will be looking for another way to carry. I am looking at Utah but don't know if she'll X them off to.
    New Jersey accepts no other permits and that's the way they like it. The reason Pensylvania Attorney general is changing reciprocity agreements is because even though Pennsylvania is a shall issue state, Philadelphia likes to add an ambiguous "good character" clause to their permitting process, which basically makes the city May issue. Philadelphia city government did not like people getting permits from Florida and other states when Philadelphia factored ambiguous character issues into the permitting process resulting in permit denials. Pennsylvania has no recall process, so we are stuck with Attorney General Kane for another 3 years.

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