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  1. New CHL - Looking for Rig Ideas

    Woo hoo! I finally got my permit!

    I am a New Mexico resident but am living overseas and the few days I get to spend in the USA each year have been too precious to spend a whole weekend taking the required handgun training course there. So up to now I have just OC’ed and dealt with it.

    Last year I saw that VA issues a nonresident CHL which is honored in NM as well. The great part of this – for me at least – is that they accept a DD214 (honorable discharge) as a form of handgun training. So as soon as I could put together the required paperwork, photos, bank note, etc. I mailed it all off. A couple days ago I got a letter back from the Virginia State Police with my approved CHL – yeah!

    So now, once I hit the ground in NM (and 27 other states – if I can arrange to have a pistol there) I will be legal to carry! Now my biggest problem is figuring which rigs I want to buy for the guns I have which I plan to be carrying.

    My main options :
    Full size (H&K USP 45, FNP 45, or Para-Ord P-14)
    Mid-size (EAA Witness 10mm, FN High-Power 40 S&W)
    New Mexico Summer Carry (Para Ord Para Carry 45, ADC M1 45ACP)
    It usually turns out that most of my time on leave is during colder weather (holiday season) so I tend more towards the full sized guns which I can conceal under winter clothing. I am looking at shoulder rigs because my arms are way too long to make strong side belt carry practical – trying to draw from a 4 o’clock position is like some form of bizarre yoga for me. I am also thick through the shoulders and chest so I have room to conceal a good sized pistol in that area.
    Any ideas?
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