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Thread: Finally!

  1. Finally!

    One day short of 12 weeks and my Indiana Concealed Carry Permit finally showed up.

  3. Congrats. And I thought 45 days was long wait.

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    Congrats, however, Indiana does NOT issue "Concealed Carry Permits"..... we are issued a "License To Carry Handgun" .... and its either for open carry or concealed...

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    Congrats they are over whelmed with request for license at this time

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    In Kansas, it's guaranteed to be issued (or denied) within 90 days of receiving the application, BY LAW. However it doesn't say what happens if you don't have it in 90 days. My daughter emailed hers on January 14th and hasn't heard anything yet. Anyone else in Kansas that's been waiting over 90 days?

  7. I stand corrected!

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    Congrats. I hope you got the lifetime. They keep talking about getting rid of the lifetime or changing the permits all together.

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    I already have a lifetime permit to be armed, it's called the 2nd Amendment.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare45 View Post
    I already have a lifetime permit to be armed, it's called the 2nd Amendment.

    Heh.. that's a good one

    a good one that'll get you arrested in some situations

    good luck with that anyway ;)

  11. Sure did, but it says that it can be revoked if I don't remain a "proper person".

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