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  1. Michigan CPL question

    Last year I plead guilty to an OWVI charge (blew a .08 and didn't want to risk full OWI conviction, even though I think I was illegally stopped). I was NOT carrying my pistol with me when stopped. I want to first off say that I know I made a mistake and have learned my lesson from it, so please refrain from bashing my poor decision.

    In Michigan if you are convicted of a OWVI or OWI charge, you automatically have your CPL suspended for 3 years.

    I have a question I would like your opinion on:

    If I obtain a Florida Concealed Carry permit, can I carry in Michigan even though my Michigan CPL was suspended?

    Florida law allows you to be issued a concealed carry permit as long as you have not had 2 operating while intoxicated convictions. Further, Florida allows non residents to be issued Florida permits. As far as I can tell, Michigan honors Florida concealed carry permits, but I do not know if there is anything that addresses a valid out of state permit holder that has had a Michigan CPL suspended.

  3. I get the feeling that if you tried to "Skirt the issue", you will give the powers that be a reason to look into reciprocity between the states.
    Also, ask the Attorney General in your state.
    If you felt that the stop was illegal, why did you plead guilty? Since you state that you blew a .08 and didn't want the risk of a full conviction, you plead guilty.
    Accept the fact that you made a mistake, (even if you think the stop was illegal), and deal with the consequences of your actions.
    If the rule in your state says you are suspended for three years... do what any law abiding American citizen would and ABIDE by THOSE laws!

  4. If the law says they will honor a Florida permit, and I obtain one, then I am abiding by the law.

    I am on here to clarify if my understanding of the law is correct.

    Since you obviously are unable to answer it, please keep your assumptions about me to yourself.

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    If Michigan is like Wisconsin, you have to have a valid permit from your home state or the non-resident out of state isn't honored.

  6. Thanks for the reply GB-Boater. That gave me new terminology ideas to search, and I believe Michigan does have that same rule as it states "Michigan's concealed pistol law expressly recognizes permits issued by other states to its residents." Instead of just stating that it recognizes permits issued by other states.

    I guess it's a couple of more years of waiting. Seems odd that they still allow us to open carry but yank the concealed permit. I am not a fan of open-carry so will most likely not carry at all, but I fail to see their logic as I know the police typically prefer citizens to conceal instead of open carry as well.

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    You can always go to the gun board and appeal the suspension. In any case obtaining any kind of out of state permit would be void, or so from what I understand in Michigan, due to Michigan laws stating you must abide by which ever law is more strict, ie, your suspension would trump Florida permit, or so I would assume. In any case, like I said, you can always try your luck with the gun board in your county and see if the suspension can be lifted, depending on how long your permit has been suspended, the suspension might be lifted, worst case scenario, call MSP and they may have an answer for ya.
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  8. If you are suspended to carry in your home state, you're suspended.
    Not making assumptions about you.
    You made it clear...you broke the law... you plead guilty...and now you don't want the rules to apply to you.

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    You knew the rules as you already said. Rather than try and get around them, follow them and drive on.
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    Michigan only recognizes the CPL issued by your primary state of residence. So if you are a Michigan resident, no, they will not recognize your Florida CPL.

  11. Sorry I'm from Michigan and I hate to bash you but you joined this forum today you posted one topic to see how you can get out of the punishment that you agreed to by pleading guilty. I don't like that you are not aloud to carry and I hope you are successful in getting your rights back. On the other hand I also don't care to have people with drinking problems carrying weapons so I don't disagree with the law here. I think that it puts a necessary review process in place where you hopefully will prove you are the responsible person they thought you were when they issued your CPL in the first place.

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