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Thread: Concealed Carry While Driving on the Navajo Nation

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    I was thinking the exact same thing! In my opinion (and bear in mind that II have absolutely no ties to ANY Native Americans being from upstate SC), this entire country is property of native Americans and we as European descendants or a product of European colonization are no different than the "illegal immigrants" we have come to know and hate.
    There's no such thing as theirs or ours, only the occupiers rights and since technically the Solutreans & Kennewick settlers were the first folk here and that would make the Americas European by that definition.

    I believe up the north of the country some reservations have stricter rules if you are out and about camping and hiking...

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    Every Federally recognized tribe considers themselves a sovereign nation. The have their own laws for their own people, but state and federal laws also apply. Tribal cops work alone and don't mess around with their own safety. Its not a time for you to argue your opinion with the cop's take on fact - the laws. And yes the state and federal highways that cross the rez are "maintained" by the state and federal folks but the tribal cops still enforce the laws on those highways too. Best to be informed. I've heard a lot of incorrect information about gun laws on the rez, mostly on the prohibitive/confiscation side. In my personal experience I believe the Navajo officer asked me about guns for his own safety. There just isn't any back up for them.

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