Holster suggestions please
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Thread: Holster suggestions please

  1. Holster suggestions please

    I am a very tiny woman at 4' 10" and 94lbs and am looking for suggestions for holsters for my S&W .38 special. I have small children and want to wear my gun rather than putting in my purse. Would prefer to wear it regardless actually. I am assuming I'll need more than one holster, as my clothing varies greatly. Thanks in advance! Much appreciated.

  3. Try Hidden Hybrid Holsters. Best holster I've ever owned, much more comfortable than Crossbreed. My 110 lb 5'2" wife loves them to. I also applaud you for wanting to be able to protect your kids.

  4. check out old faithful holsters. they have some great ones plus you can go the make your own . great for inside the pants.

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    Remora holsters are worth a look see. Go to youtube.com and type "remora holsters". A couple ladies there have some very informative videos. I think you might find them quite helpful. Goodluck.

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    Holster suggestions please

    +1 for the old faithful. Super comfy, and affordable. Completely adjustable and great quality. I just ordered another for my 1911...
    Guns.??? What Guns???

  7. I recently got a vedder holster, you can look it up online. It's a belly band, only 4" wide. It's very comfy and can be worn with most any type of waist band, including with skirts. It fits snug, so I feel it's easier to conceal all parts better. It also can hold the weapon in four positions, or be worn in many positions, allowing for many options and different clothing. I agree with not leaving it in your purse for the same reason. Also no problems hanging on to things in the rest room - it stays put! They come in black, but the owner liked the idea of a lighter color, and was planning to look into that. I hope he succeeds. Would love a tan for summer wear and lighter clothing! :)

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    Check out The Well Armed Woman website. She has a variety of women specific holsters and videos showing how they work/look. I found it very helpful since some of the holsters that get rave reviews from men just don't work on my body.

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    Holster suggestions please

    Don't have much insight as my girlfriend carries hers in her CCW purse but I have seen bra holsters and thigh holsters for women designed to be worn with skirts out there. If you're looking for just a gold ole fashioned IWB belt holster, Crossbreed, Galco, and Old Faithful are all great.

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    Here are a couple of youtube vids:

  11. thanks to all! looks like i have some research to do :-)

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