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  1. Florida CCW lost in mail

    I sent in my non-resident CCW application on Feb. 1st. I've been checking online weekly and finally ran a search online for expected times thinking there may have been a higher than usual backlog. After calling today, I found that they never received my application.

    Lesson learned: Don't mail it from Chicago. Some anti-gun postal worker probably found my application and tossed it.

    So, now my application complete with SSN, fingerprint card, personal checking acct. info and photo is floating around who knows where.

  3. I got a better suggestion.

    if what you are sending is important to you, send it registered/insured mail "overnight"
    couple extra dollars is not worth identity theft

  4. I sent it registered/insured/delivery confirmation, I suppose my demise was not sending overnight.

  5. well.. if you did that, then there's really nothing better you could have done then.
    that sucks!

  6. Indeed, perhaps I'll send the next one by raven.

  7. Take your receipt and tracking info to the postmaster. They can tell you the last place it was recorded going through.

  8. Last tracked in Chicago, where it originated.

  9. You are not the only one this has happened to. At least you did the tracking #. I sent mine from St. Louis and it is completely lost.
    A friend sent his in 2 days before I did (from a different location) and his showed up 2 weeks ago. Only took 7 1/2 weeks. Mine is on 9 weeks and counting.

    One thing I did was go to Equifax and have a 90 day credit fraud alert put on my accounts. It's free. Keep an eye on your accounts also.

    If they can trace mail back to the fools that are sending the poisonous stuff, why can't they track this stuff?

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