Remora Original "no clip" Concealment Holster
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Thread: Remora Original "no clip" Concealment Holster

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    I just wanted to post my review of the Remora Holster. With a base price of approx $25 I was already interested in learning more and possibly trying one. I am currently waiting on my new Springfield XDs which should arrive in a couple weeks. I have already waited one month. I am already a returning customer of Old Faithful Holsters and am very happy with thier product. I have two O.F. holsters (Springfield 1911 and HK USPc 9mm). I wanted to predicate this review with this information to show that I am already a happy user of a hybrid type holster. I was researching holsters for the XDs and was considering the G-Code Incog holster (not available for XDs yet but will be) and a pocket holster for another option. I remembered Remora from when I was looking for my first concealment/IWB holster and I ended up on their website. Yes, these are pocket holsters too but I cannot speak to that as a function because I have not used it that way. Remora just happens to be having a sale this month and it is a buy one/get one free same size but the free one cannot have any upgrades such as a sweat shield (extended material to cover more of the handgun against the body) or reinforced top (allows for easier re-holstering). I bought one and it just so happens that the XDs and the HK USPc are the same sized holster so I have been able to use it and I have to say I am Impressed. I received both holsters in the same package within 5 days of ordering! The holster itself is lightweight and made out of a soft material. No Kydex or similar material at all. the outside of the holster is a rubberized material which is designed to keep it in place between your belt and body and is also waterproof. I tuck in a shirt into my boxers so nothing touches my skin directly. The holster does not move from the position you place it and can be placed at any cant of your choosing due to no clips that limits degree of cant or posisition on body. I wear this at about 4 o-clock and with a medium cant I find it conceales better because the grip of the gun follows the contour of my side. If fitment is not completely satisfactory the holster is able to be molded with a hair dryer, heating up holster, inserting gun, then placing in the freezer for a few minutes. I give this holster a 10 for comfort (my Old Faithful receives an 8 from me). I have to press this again..... This holster is very comfortable. I was gardening yesterday for a couple of hours and my rig stayed exactly where I originally placed it and I forgot that I was even wearing a gun. I do not even understand how this holster is so comfortable. This morning as I was exiting my car I even had to do a pat check to make sure I didn't forget my holster and gun. I didn't even notice I was wearing in the car which as many of you know a hybrid holster is tolerable but you are definately aware you are wearing one. I just had to pass this on to this forum because I was so impressed and surprised.

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    That's why I became a dealer for them

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    I have 3 of them

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    Remora Original "no clip" Concealment Holster

    I carry my XDs in a 6art remora every day. Remora defies practical physics. They do what they say. The name is the perfect descriptor. IMHO, it offers the best combat grip based on its design. Easy to get a good purchase on your pistol. Its a small holster with great retention and comfort. Art is a great guy and aims to please! Made in America, very inexpensive and great quality. I truly believe your pistol might have something go wrong with it before this holster would. Two for one is ridiculous.

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    Great review, escapee....!!
    I bought one and have been pushing them ever since. I can use it with sweats, and it stays put. Really an awesome conceal-carry holster.
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  7. Second holster I bought for my Ruger SR9c. I also prefer my Old Faithful but do use the Remora on occasion. I only have three holsters and am satisfied with two of them.

  8. Love the Remora! I have three, my husband has two. They are so comfortable you can sleep with them, you will forget you have it on.

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    I to have been using one for about a year now, Love it. I carry a Sig P-238 in it, and were shorts most of the time here in Las Vegas. I just purchased a Kimber Solo and will be ordering one for it!

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    Thanks for sharing. I'll have to look into them.

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    Have both an Old Faithful and a Remora for my Bersa Thunder .380 and they are both great.

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