Help with choosing a holster
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Thread: Help with choosing a holster

  1. Help with choosing a holster

    Hello I am trying to decide what type of holster to use I don't have much experience with them. My favorite was a pocket holster I used for my Keltec PF9 but sold it in favor of an XDS. I have tried different kinds of holsters and have come up short. Unfortunately I can't try different types of holsters to see what I would like so, its buy and try then hope for the best. I know the most popular holster here on USA Carry is the Crossbreed Super tuck but, I absolutely hate it. No fault of the holster it's a quality holster just don't like the way the IWB holster feels. I have had a couple other IWB it's just not me. So I’ve been looking at paddles and OWB’s I think I am leaning towards the paddle but am wondering how easy they conceal. I want something that is easy to take on and off like a paddle. I have a Blackhawk Serpa and love it but to bulky of a holster for summer carry. Any suggestions the guns I am looking to holster are my Sig P250 and my XDS. Thanks

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    I've been in your boat..

    My recommendation would be to try a supertuck from Crossbreed holsters. I've tried many holsters and I could never find any that would fit and remotely comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. It takes about a week break in and it's even got a lifetime warranty with it.

    CrossBreed® Holsters

  4. I have tried various types and styles [as attested by my holster drawer].
    The one I have found to be the most comfortable and useful is the Fobus paddle holster.
    It has a forward cant and it rides high enough to put the grip well above the waist for less printing.
    The inside portion [the part that fits inside the pants] has rubber attached which gives some cushion and prevents it from moving around [especially when drawing the weapon].
    It has an adjustment to allow for fine tuning the amount of effort to draw, and to firmly hold the weapon.
    It is by far the best holster I own and use!

  5. I recommend a good leather OWB holster,pancake style ultimately will hold your firearm closer to your body.You have to dress around it but it is more comfortable,at least it is for me.I currently use a Galco Avenger which is an Akens style holster.Mileage may very but most of us has a box of holsters that we weren't quite happy with.Some prefer leather and some prefer kydex but everyone has different wants and requirements.I also prefer a reinforced mouth on my holsters for easy one handed reholstering.My best advice would be to use your Google Foo and check out different holsters and the decide which would work for you.And don't forget to get a good belt desinged to support your rig.

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    If you still want to try IWB then check out my review for the Remora Concealment holster in this forum. I was (and still am) a hybrid holster user but the Remora will get plenty of use by me now. Amazingly comfortable and stays where you position it. I'm not kidding when I say that I truly forget that I am wearing it. I still do not understand how this thing is so comfortable and functional.

  7. i have been in your "boat" but the PADDLE holster is the way to go ! the way i solved the problem was to spend $250.00 and buy a AMERICAN ARMS 22 mag. pistol . it has about a 1 inch barrel with 5 shot of 22 mag. and you can put it anywhere ! ! ! YES it is only a 22 cal but conflicts are within 5 yards [usually] and i don't know anyone that wants shot with a 22 ...............DO YOU ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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    Take a look at Pro Holster, they are excellent and comfortable.
    Also look at
    And also Tucker Gun Leather and the Holster Store

  9. Quote Originally Posted by barrygray0 View Post
    YES it is only a 22 cal but conflicts are within 5 yards [usually] and i don't know anyone that wants shot with a 22 ...............DO YOU ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    What's that all about? I don't want to get shot with a paintball let alone any bullet.

  10. Check my holsters out. They are great, comfortable and reasonably priced.

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    Milt Sparks is the best. Wright is a good second choice.

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