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Thread: iwb holster

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    i have two holsters both iwb crossbreeds and probably won't get another unless i change carry guns
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    After looking at the old faithful kit, it looks almost identical. guess I paid for assembly... Anyway, the style is the same and I think it is comfortable for long term wear.

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    You really can't go wrong with any of the hybrid holsters.
    I would stay away from horsehide though. A thicker (9-10 oz) piece of cowhide will do better at keeping moisture from your firearm.

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    Check out the thread on the Remora. It's a great holster!

  6. I just got a Hidden Hybrid Holster and it fits my Glock 30sf perfectily. Excellent quality and workmanship. Free shipping too!
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    iwb holster

    +1 for the old faithful. I'm on my second bought one for my glocks, and one for my 1911... That just came today. Still have to put it together. Also strongly recommend a good gun belt.
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