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As a NRA Life Member and Republican Constitutionalist, I am going to say that I am really disappointed in the NRA/ILA knee-jerk, non researched conclusion of Bob Ferguson having arbitrarily "deciding" to dump Florida.

The fact is even though his predecessor was very pro 2A, he also would have been forced to do the same, as our laws DO NOT allow the AG to make those decisions. Go here to the reciprocity page and read the whole thing, with special attention to the first paragraph following the bullet points:

Concealed Weapon Reciprocity . While I abhor those of his ilk, articles written in this manner makes us look no saner than the "Brady Bunch" in the eyes of the fence sitters in my opinion.

Here is the reciprocity law: RCW 9.41.073: Concealed pistol license ? Reciprocity.. No wiggle room supplied.
Thank you. That was the exactly the point I was trying to make.