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  • Husband/Male partner only

    15 30.61%
  • Wife/Female Partner only

    4 8.16%
  • Husband/male first, wife later

    10 20.41%
  • Wife/female first, husband later

    2 4.08%
  • Husband/Wife at same time

    16 32.65%
  • Same sex partners (both)

    1 2.04%
  • Same sex partners (only one)

    0 0%
  • Have carry permit but no partner

    1 2.04%
  • Have neither permit or partner

    0 0%
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Thread: Conclealed Carry for couples

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    My wife wants nothing to do with guns, however... she has an out. She was held at gun point for about an hour when she was in her early teens, so I leave it alone.

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    In Oregon my wife and I both took the course but we ran tight on money so only I got my permit.

    In Washington, where the infringement is much less intrusive, we both got our permits.

    I carry all the time, she carries about half the time.
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  4. I carry, my wife does not, although she has a sidearm for the nightstand, when I'm away. She has no desire to carry, as firearms scare her a bit, and her way of thinking is to use one as a last resort for home defense.

    I worry about her when she goes everywhere alone, but it is her choice, and I respect that, even though I don't agree with it.

    It is never brought up again, since we talked about it. I have to respect my wife's wishes, she is her own person.

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    Wife and I always carry, I got mine first -- she waited till we could afford a pistol for her.

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    My wife and I both got our permits shortly after moving here.

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    My wife took hers a month later than I did. We didn't have anyone to watch our kids so taking the class together was out of the question.
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