Conclealed Carry for couples

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  • Husband/Male partner only

    15 30.61%
  • Wife/Female Partner only

    4 8.16%
  • Husband/male first, wife later

    10 20.41%
  • Wife/female first, husband later

    2 4.08%
  • Husband/Wife at same time

    16 32.65%
  • Same sex partners (both)

    1 2.04%
  • Same sex partners (only one)

    0 0%
  • Have carry permit but no partner

    1 2.04%
  • Have neither permit or partner

    0 0%
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Thread: Conclealed Carry for couples

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    Concealed Carry for couples

    Curious what the mix is of couples where only one has their concealed carry permit, vs. both having permits, and how you came to this point.

    My wife and I took our carry class together, and we both have our permits, and carry. I see several comments on forums about people taking their class together, and others don't. I'd say there were very few couples in the class I took.

    Just curious, how many couples where both carry (or have permit) vs. only one. If both, were the permits obtained at the same time, or did the other partner decide to get theirs after the other had a permit.
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    Wife and I both have permits and carry. I took the class with her even though I did not need to take it. About 95% of the time we will both be armed, although there are rare times when only I am carrying (like when we go to the gym).
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    My wife and I took the class at the same time. There were several couples in our class. I open carry 100% of the time and my wife conceal carry's mane 30% of the time. We are retired and are together 24/7, so she says I'm a good enough shot for

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    I'm the only one that carries all the time. I'm never without my handgun, if I'm awake. My wife doesn't want to carry a weapon, and won't get her permit. She drives a truck, and will carry one along in the truck, when she goes to quilting group - if I insist. Otherwise she'll go without it. She does like for me to carry mine though.
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    I have a permit, he doesn't but says he wants to, but hasn't taken the class yet. I told him don't do it just because you think I want it: I think to carry reluctantly is more dangerous than to not carry at all.

  7. The hubby has been LEO for 14 years. He encouraged me to get my ccw last year when another LEO wife was getting hers. I could probably count on one hand the number of times I had fired a firearm prior to qualifying for my ccw. Once i had ccw, I told him I needed to get some training so I could feel competant enough to carry. I've since taken two additional classes, shot in 3-4 IDPA matches and try to get out to target shoot about once a month. He would like for me to carry all the time. I probably carry 80%, including at home.

  8. My Husband & I both have permits and carry whenever & wherever we legally can. He took his class first, only because we couldn't afford the class fee to take it together. I got mine about 3 months after his...we've had them for almost 1 year now.

  9. Wife and I took the class together, we carry where permitted 100% of the time. Felt a little strange at first but now if it isn't in my waist I feel naked.

  10. Husband and I took the CHL together, I carry 100% of the time where legally possible. My husband works for the Federal Government so can only carry when home. Sometimes he does sometimes he doesn't. I'm a better shot anyway.

  11. My Lady has thought about it, but hesitant. And with 2 of 3 kids in college, $$ are scarce. Someday, but for now just I carry.

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