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Thread: Best holster to conceal a Ruger P345

  1. I carry the P345 with the crossbreed superslide, it works great but i would get a good gunbelt also.

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    Look at the Remora clipless concealement holster and the Old Faithful IWB stage 3 kit holster. Both are very reasonably priced and work wonderfully. They both are IWB but each are very different. I own both and like both. I know you said you would rather conceal than open carry so I am offering two IWB options that work for me. Another response recommended the crossbreed superslide which would be a great option for OWB concealment also.

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    I just recently filled out the app to receive my permit to carry. Should be arriving in the mail within the next 30 days. The only problem is all I have right now to carry is my P345. I would prefer to have it concealed instead of open carry. The holster I currently have is a blackhawk nylon ambidextrous with a mag pouch. While it is a good holster, the best way I have found so far is I am able to clip it inside on the back of my pants, which may cause some concealing issues during the spring and summer seasons as it feels rather large and clumsy. In the winter time I can conceal it in my jacket. But until I am able to get something a little smaller and more concealable, I need to find a way to make this work. Any suggestions?
    I carry my P345 about 90% of the time. When I absolutely can't, I go with my LC9 appendix carry the last 10%
    I use a Down Under IWB holster w/forward cant made by Highnoon Holsters. The forward cant helps with comfort and easier to grab.
    It also has a slide guard which keeps the slide away from my skin.
    The version I purchased is made out of horse hide. This won't absorb moisture when I sweat, it gets over 100 here in NorCal.
    It's a little pricey but I don't think I'm ever going to wear it out. I constantly carry it and other then the leather getting a little darker I think I'm going to be using it for many years.
    Secondly, get yourself a good holster belt. The one I have has a plastic insert between two layers of leather. This distributes the weight of my fully loaded .45 and the extra magazine I carry on my left side.
    Wear the right clothing and you can conceal almost anything. During the hot summer months I wear a hawaiian style shirt if I'm around town, I seem to blend in fine. At work I wear a short sleave button down collared work shirt, similar to a Ben Davis style, the straight bottom type not made to tuck in. I've even worn a large polo shirt but it depends on the fabric (check in mirror)
    The 5.11 Conceal Carry shirts are the best. They have snaps on the front hidden under buttons, and velcro about 6" up on each side to make it easy to access my handgun. I have never worn a concealment vest except to shoot IDPA, if I ever see someone wearing one I am immediately assume that person has a gun.

    Hope these ideas help,
    Good luck, we all have a drawer where we have dumped or buried trial holsters till be found the one we like best
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  5. I don't know of a small holster to conceal a p345, but i bought a crossbreed super tuck a few years ago to carry iwb and it works well. You do have to wear a loose fitting pants in the waist or a size bigger but i think you almost have to wear bigger for most iwb holsters. I have not looked for anything else to take the place of the super tuck yet. It does feel comfortable to wear once you have worn it a few times so i will not be in a hurry to find something soon.

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