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Thread: Manager with a disgruntled user who has a CCP, need advice

  1. Um, I don't know... Maybe try talking to him as the first step. I know that is a pretty crazy idea but it seems to work for a lot of people.

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    Has he actually threatened anyone? Have you tried talking to him? I'm sorry if I'm wrong but this post seems like troll material. The OP is describing everything the SPLC has said about homegrown terrorists. Just fits the narrative all too well. CCP permit, questions the current administration, anticipates civil unrest.... Just curious but you say customers and thay your work takes place at a university. In my experience the customers of a university are called students. Do you work at the campus book store? Is this employee a customer... i mean student?

  4. I say troll. I work at University--gun free campus. I have looked into what to do in an active shooting event. The only thing that seems wrong is the customer thing. The students are my customers and I am there to provide a service to them. If I were to even mouth off or behave rudely, I would be written up. I don't talk politics at work. Most people just want to facebook and drink kool-aid.

  5. Any issues your other emplyees have for their safety must be addressed IMMEDIATELY. Contact your HR and possibly corporate security(if you have). Your other employees have let you know their concerns you might be liable if you do nothing.

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    You have received some good advise...I can't imagine why you have not sought the advice of your Humane Resources Department or legal Department instead of asking people on a firearms forum...Why not a legal forum, H.R. forum...????

    So with that said I'm calling BS. Joined yesterday!

    So here is Boxxy for you...hard to fool Boxxy you see!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Outlaw View Post
    ^^What He Said^^

    Especially about the 'trolling' part.
    Yeah, I'm not trolling but I found this website about carrying weapons, and I'm not a gun guy and...whatever. If you're serious, ask for a LEO to stop by when you can the guy.

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    The man is bad for business and disruptive within the company, and even if here were a rabid anti-gun fanatic, he should have been fired long ago.
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    Dont play defense by getting body armor, go get a gun.

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    Manager with a disgruntled user who has a CCP, need advice

    If you ask politician they will recommend call 911....

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    Troll, Troll, Troll your boat gently while you scheme. You put all the anti-gun talking points in a single post. Very ingenious.
    Aspergers disease? Because the Newtown shooter had it? Even though it is thought to be unrelated.
    Disgruntled employee? because we all know this is the warning sign of someone about to go "postal?"
    Conspiracy theorist? Trying to recruit his co-workers?
    Talking about thermite on Facebook? DHS has web crawlers that search-out such terms when used in social media.
    No, you're not interested in advice. Any company large enough to have a "team" has attorneys and a personnel department that know exactly how to handle this. Kevlar? Only a fool trolls a gun board looking for advice on handling this potentially dangerous, non-existent situation. Your company knows to contact law enforcement if they're concerned.
    Kevlar? Give me a break. What will you do provide vests for the other employees? Instead of getting Kevlar try getting a clue.

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