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Thread: Manager with a disgruntled user who has a CCP, need advice

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    Sincere thanks for the feedback and quick response. I'm at a university, so firing just for being disgruntled is not really possible, hence my focus on defensive measures. Good to know the limitations of armor.

    I think if we have a meeting with him and HR and outline the concerns it may serve to settle him down. His wife is a settling influence on the conspiracy theories and Thermite hobby. He may decide that keeping his job is better than "winning".

    Maybe HR can get him to agree to not carry at work, and maybe they'll have enough to get attorney general backing, based on his erratic behavior and thinking, though I think getting a formal court determination that's he's unfit to have a CCP is a stretch.

    Thanks again. Hopefully I'm just being a cautious manager and we don't end up on CNN.
    I too am a Manager, and in my line of work, almost everyone carries a firearm, which isnt a concern, and I have never been concerned with people who are disgruntled, or have "odd hobbies" just because he views things differently, and they may seem strange, doesnt mean there is a cause for alarm. However, I did have to let someone go who was clearly "not all upstairs," he did not carry, however, I picked up on certain things that just didnt fit into "normal" every day behavior, erratic mood shifts (highs and lows) depression, his past experiences in the Military, and general discussion with the guy.
    If you are really concerned about your well being and the well being of your other employees, I would take immediate action, call him in, speak with him, speak with him on his views and why he believes SHTF scenarios, you may just see hes a humble guy whos just a "prepper."
    Im not saying be a therapist, but if anything, you may be able to determine if he is a real threat, or if everything is just coming out of paranoia because he "owns a ***** ton of guns and carries" if its legit, I am sure you can knick pick and get him fired, or at the very least, begin to document things and take it to the authorities.
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    As a manager you are only as good as your worst employee and in this case your employee says it all, just like your OP says it all.
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