Bought my wife a shield today
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Thread: Bought my wife a shield today

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    Bought my wife a shield today

    So it was kind of on a whim I stopped by a gun shop up in Ellsworth while I was out and about. They had just got in a 9mm s&w shield this morning....$425.99 couldn't pass it up so I think the kids and I will give it to her Sunday for Mother's Day! She has wanted one since they first came out, she usually carries a snub. 357mag, hope she likes it... Have people been having good luck with the shield ? Any other wives carry one daily ?

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    I have had the M&P C .40S&W for three years, and it has been nothing but rock solid reliable.
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    My brother bought the Shield for himself and has liked it. I too am an M&P fan and carry an M&P40c. I have two different 9mm's as well and all have been solid.

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  5. Awesome, I wish I could be there to see her face when you give it to her, I look at one of those but at the time their was none so I went with the XDs .45 insisted. Congrats on finding one, their is this lady on youtube she have both the compact and the shield and love them both.

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    I'm not a lady but bought a 9 mm Shield for myself. Love it. My son-in-law liked it so well he bought one for himself. My daughter liked it well enough she took it to her ccp class to qualify with. Shot a perfect score firing from 15, 21 and 45 feet. Think you made an excellent choice for Mother's Day.

  7. I have the 40 Shield and really like it. Congrats on the purchase she will like it.

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