My Concealed Carry Permit Triggered an EXPENSIVE addiction!
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Thread: My Concealed Carry Permit Triggered an EXPENSIVE addiction!

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    My Concealed Carry Permit Triggered an EXPENSIVE addiction!

    I've long had the planned intention of doing one new thing a month. Try new things. Three years ago there was a concealed carry course in town so I signed up for it and took it.

    I loved the shooting part. I had to root around in the closet to find my old service revolver (S&W Model 10) that I bought in 1965. At the range I found I could still shoot straight and it was fun.

    The permit arrived three years ago this week. I was in the big city and thought that since I had the permit I should buy a more concealable gun....and did.

    In the past three years I have purchased 11 new handguns and a shotgun! Plus more holsters than I can count...and whatever ammo I could find...and cleaning and lubing supplies from a lot of different brands (settled on Frog Lube)...and a lot of aftermarket parts to make my KelTec PF9 and Glock 26 work right...and tools to do some basic gunsmithing with...and a lot of gun magazines - both the ones I read and the ones that hold bullets....and I'm now on ten gun forums to learn more about my guns....and I've probably forgotten some gun related stuff I've bought...books, a bunch of how to books....and the medical expense of four stitches in the thumb for slide bite off my first pistol that I stupidly held in a revolver grip out of habit.

    Figure I've spent well over ten grand in the last three years. I can afford it...single and aging...and there is still a lot of value in resale value if I change my mind about this "collection" of handguns and longguns....

    Reading some of the forums my addiction is minimal compared to some other guys...but for happened fast and it happened big....let this be a warning to others considering buying more firearms...

    I've dealt with other addictions...but this is one of the most powerful and expensive addictions I've acquired. Does have its positive side...feel safer...and there's a wonderful sober high at the range...hitting what I aim at.

  3. Riverkilt .... I could have written this post. Me exactly , Except my S&W is a model 19, purchased in 1977

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    I am addicted to Rugers. Started of with the light stuff (Hi Point) inexpensive and fun to shoot. Suddenly, after I shot a Ruger .40, I had to have one and rushed out an got it. And I haven't stopped getting them. Haven't done much shooting (buying a gun is cheaper than buying its ammo lol), but I have shot them all and gotta get even more. I am thinking of asking Ruger if they would give one to me since I have bought so many of them. If there is a 12 step program for folks like us, I don't want to know about it.

  5. My Concealed Carry Permit Triggered an EXPENSIVE addiction!

    I don't quite understand buying aftermarket parts "To make your Glock G26 work right." Adding aftermarket parts will possibly make it not work when it's needed. Please elaborate..

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    Be glad you didn't get involed with motorcycles. I try not to think about how much I've spent in just the last 7 years, not even going to try going back to 1969 when I first started with them.
    Now image the cost when you enjoy motorcyles and guns. I might have to come out of retirement and find a job. LOL

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    My 'habit' started in 1978 with a S&W Mod 15 Combat Masterpiece - still have it! I wont say exactly how many firearms I have now but its triple digit and two large safes big. Of course you need all the accessories to go with them, so a spare bedroom full of containerized parts, pieces and knick knacks. Also...gun smithing tools, cleaning equipment, etc. Maybe we can start a 12 step program! :)
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    Rotjovi - the Glock 26 gen 4 came out of the box tossing hot brass directly into my face. No fun. Glock wasn't interested - somehow it was all my fault - for buying the gun?? Read the new Glock book and came to understand their corporate attitude and realized I needed to fix it myself. A steel guide rod got the hot brass to at least rain on my head instead of into my face. From there added the Apex Tactical. extractor parts marketed to cure the problem. Bought and installed the Apex Tactical parts and now the brass goes to 4 0'Clock. Turns out the G26 shoots very straight at distances - even 100 yards. But I'm not pleased at the extra time and expense to get it to work right. With all the Glock brag one would think it would work right out of the box....but mine didn't. After getting the brass out of my face and off my head I also put in an extended slide release (so my aging hands could make it work) and an extended mag release.

    My KelTec PF9 had horrendous recoil. Sent it off to Galloway Precision for their full aftermarket treatment. More money too, but now the recoil is tamed and I'm happy with that work.

    Everything else I bought worked well out of the box - as one would expect.

    I've also developed "sub addictions".....Beretta's, 1911s, and them holsters...

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    This is a good addiction to have. No worries.
    "Beware the fury of a patient man." --John Dryden,
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    My addiction a few years back changed from firearms to ammo. You should see my nice collection. :)
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  11. My Concealed Carry Permit Triggered an EXPENSIVE addiction!

    I wish you would have sent it to me. Find a local Glock Armorer if you can for anything else you need. I stock all those parts and its fixed for a couple dollars. Sorry about your first Glock experience.

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