Casino Carry (Tampa)
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Thread: Casino Carry (Tampa)

  1. Casino Carry (Tampa)

    Went to the Hard Rock last night for wedding anniversary (17years )
    I was carrying like I do every day and debated if I should or should not carry into the Casino

    I have heard mixed reviews if it was ok or not to carry in casinos but I NEVER leave my firearm in car ! I don't know what you guys think but to me
    When I got my CCW permit I take full Responsibility of my firearm from the minute I put it on in the morning till I get home and take it off to sleep.
    And to me by taking it off in a car and putting it in the glove box or secure it and leaving it unattended is not right to me! And that's where laws are so F--cked up!! To me I think if you're gun gets stolen out of your car ,YOU screwed up for leaving it unattended in your vehicle! But that's just me

    Well anyways long story short I carried my 10 mm Glock 29. Into the casino.
    Things went well went on about my business and kept it concealed like I am supposed to do with my concealed carry permit and no problems whatsoever

    What do you guys think about carrying into the casino or leaving the firearm into car

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  3. Casinos in Indiana have signs stating that weapons are not allowed. I think it's a law. I leave mine at home. We haven't had too many robberies in the parking garages that I know of.

  4. in mass you have you permit taking away from you. gun can not be left unattended in car.

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    Casino Carry (Tampa)

    CC in casinos are OK in WV but a big no-no in the bordering state of PA. Know your laws. I would never leave my pistol in my car. Even the best vault will only delay a criminal from getting it open. How would you feel if someone stole your ride, found your gun and killed somebody. I couldn't live with that. Leaving in the car is just not an option.

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    Casino Carry (Tampa)

    OP. I would check this link out. Although Casinos are not mentioned, places that serve alcohol is mentioned. Specifically, as a primary function of the location including areas within a location. i.e. the "bar area" within the casino. If you went to the bar for a drink or just sat at the bar with a friend but you didnt drink (which is smart if you are CC'ing) I believe you were breaking the law.

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    Remember that if you go to a Tribal casino that they ARE NOT required to post and yet don't allow carry without tribal permission (kinda like the Feds don't have to post but don't allow).

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    Sounds more like a TROLL trying to stir things up

  9. In FL "No Gun" signs have no power of law.

    Now, if the casino is on Tribal land you would have to check their laws. Tribal gun laws supersede State laws. The Hard Rock in Fort Lauderdale is a no guns allowed area due to the fact that it's on Tribal land, even leaving it in your car in the parking lot can get you arrested if they chose to do so.
    I'm not a lawyer so take it for what it's worth. For legal advice ask a lawyer.
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    Carry in the casinos. I live in Nevada too and all they can do if they see the gun is ask you to leave. If you refuse to leave they can and will trespass you. Just leave. Nothing illegal in Nevada about carrying a gun in a casino or bar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by denverr1 View Post
    What do you guys think about carrying into the casino or leaving the firearm into car
    all I can offer is that you broke no FLA laws when you carried into the casino, however if you were to be discovered carrying in there you would be asked in what might be a not so nice manner to leave, failure to comply with that request would more than likely get you arrested and charged with armed trespass

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