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    My original is horsehide, and squeaks regardless of what I have done to it ...I rarely tuck shirt, just wear t-shirt or polo with tail out. I ordered this one in cowhide, hoping it will be quieter.
    My cowhide squeaked for a month or two until it was completely broken in but it did eventually go away.

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    Hybrid Holster Easy-On Method

    I have a Crossbreed Super Tuck for my XDm 9mm 3.8 Compact and a White Hat Holsters MaxTuck for my Ruger LC9. Many people comment that these hybrid holsters are a pain to put on. This is true, until you discover this simple method for installing these holsters that make them just as easy to put on as a single clip holster.

    The key is that it is easier to pull your belt/waistband away from your body at the small of your back than it is at your hip where the holster would actually go. Here is the “Easy-On” method that I use for mounting my hybrid holsters:

    • With the hand of your strong side, grasp the hybrid holster with your thumb inside the Kydex towards the front of the holster and your fingers on the outside of the Kydex. Position the index finger so that it is touching the leather.

    • With the hand of your weak side, reach behind your back, slip your fingers inside the waistband and pull it out slightly.

    • Insert the hybrid holster inside the waistband at the small of your back so that the top of the Kydex is slightly above the belt line.

    • Slide the hybrid holster from the small of your back to the final side location using your thumb to drag it and your index and adjacent finger(s) to guide it into place.

    • Grasp the front clip and slip it up and over the waistband and put it in place on the belt.

    • In the same manner, grasp the back clip and put it on the belt.

    And there you have it – a really easy way to put on a hybrid type holster.

    Enjoy your Crossbreed!
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    I agree, the wait sucks, I nearly canceled my order and requested a refund. Another option for you would be get the kingtuk made by galco at any dunhams or military surplus store. A buddy of mine uses it, and its almost exactly like the supertuck
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