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Thread: Are gun banners making hash out of reciprocity?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by rehalfacre View Post
    Your still safe but you must conform to their mag max. I checked Legal Heat and USCCA to have my facts before posting.
    Not quite this simple. You need to check the state's CCW/CFP website immediately prior to entering as rules change daily. You need to check the state's website to determine a number of things; where you may and may not carry, do you need to declare that you are carrying or even just in possession of a firearm, if you permit is honored at that particular moment, and if your permit is honored are there any further requirements, etc. Lots to know before travelling and lots to have printed out and in a binder from that discovery search.

    DO NOT trust another website for anything more than a cursory advisory as to planning your travel route. Trust only the state's website itself. Even then, in some states you have no idea as to what the consequences might be of driving by a public school or carrying your gun(s) locked in the trunk unloaded might be. NJ, for instance, is one state where I will NOT transport any sort of firearm, regardless of FOPA, etc. This is why I suggest that FOPA needs serious revamping and that we need a NATIONAL RECIPROCITY ACT.

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    Every state has different requirements for carry permits..some require a class, some require proficiency demonstration, some just require that you can steam up a mirror and have had no major convictions in your background.. once all states get on the same page for carry permit qualifications, we could go national carry permit.

    but how often do all the states agree on anything? ;)
    As a theory, I love the idea of National Carry, but as a practical application, I see that as a chance for the Federal Government to get their slimmy paws on my gun rights vs. my local sheriff, and that's just not even anything but a nightmare scenario. Given the Federal governments absolutely rabid zeal for trashing the Constitution and grabbing guns without hesitation, it gives me cold chills to even consider the most cursory examination of such an option. If I could do it and get away with it, I'd wrap the entire damned city of DC and every legislator inside its borders in yellow crime scene tape!

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