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Thread: What type of gun do you typically carry for you concealed?

  1. did a lot of reading and research whilewaiting for my concealed carry permit....settled on a glock26,after visiting the range etc,,i know i made a good choice,at least for me,

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    What type of gun do you typically carry for your concealed?

    I carry a Ruger SR9, as you might guess. I use a 17+1 mag, plus a backup. I use 9 mm hollow points. I carry 24/7, don't believe in carrying once in a while. I have a concealed caryy permit and use it.

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    I got my wife a Ruger revolver for her EDC piece, too. Only hers is an, 'SP-101' in 357 Magnum caliber; it's fitted with a 3" barrel and a hammer spur so that, if she has to, she can take shots beyond 12 yards with a greater certainty of hitting the mark. Then I spent months teaching my own wife how to safely handle and use a revolver.

    I'm an instructor; but, I can think of easier things to do than teaching my own wife how to safely handle and shoot a combat pistol. Fortunately in all the years we've been married I never found her to be more attentive and agreeable. (It was like we were dating again!) I guess those two guys I hired to carjack her new Sonata really paid off! The woman had been absolutely terrified; and, when it came to firearms training, she listened to and immediately obeyed everything I said! (It took about 3 months of once or twice a week sessions in order to train her; and every time we went to the range it was like being, 'president for the day', or something.)

    To directly answer the question: I carry either a Glock Model 21, or a Model 19 with 13 rounds in the former, and 15 rounds in the latter. I've, also, got one or two extra magazines on the other side of my belt - NOT specifically for reloads, but for malfunctions, instead. I honestly don't understand the current trend to carry smaller and smaller caliber pistols? If you ever have to actually use a handgun in self-defense, you're going to be fighting for your life! Why throw little pebbles at a bad guy when you should actually be throwing large rocks?

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    If a bit dressy, Sports Jacket-Sig 238.
    Everyday- Glock 19
    Working outside & not caring if it open S&W .357 or S&W Governor.
    But I find I am going for the Sig 238 more & more. It is a fine little gun.
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    I carry a Kimber Ultra Carry.
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  7. What type of gun do you typically carry for you concealed?

    I carry my Glock 27 .40 in a Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe IWB holster, usually with 1-2 extra mags on my side in pouches. Can conceal with just a t-shirt untucked.

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    Bersa Thunder .380 or Bersa Thunder .32 --- undergunned? I don't believe so unless you can stand in front of them and take a round center mass and laugh about it.

  9. Springfield XD sub compact 9mm or Sig Sauer 226 9mm depending on weather and clothing

  10. The wife has a Ruger lcr, I have a Ruger lcp and a para expert commander in 45 , love that thing it's a cool weapon has red handles with the Texas star in them

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    Glock 23 .40S&W in a Glock Sport holster OWB @ 3:00.

    Super hot summertime carry: Kel-Tek PF-9 9mm in a belt slide holster OWB @ 3:00

    Work truck carry: Taurus PT 845 .45acp. If I go somewhere after work it's carried in a large size Glock Sport holster OWB @ 3:00.

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