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Thread: What type of gun do you typically carry for you concealed?

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    Up until recently I was pocket carrying a Beretta Nano 9mm. I made a decision to kick my firepower up a notch and sold the Nano in favor of a Glock 27 .40 caliber. Going to attempt ankle carry to see how that works ... but am somewhat hesitant based on the overall weight of the gun. My current clothing choices don't favor a concealed carry method anywhere around the waistband, so I'm pretty much left with ankle or pocket carry. I've also transitioned to a new backup weapon -- the Sig P238, so I'll try that in the pocket with a DeSanits holster and see how this whole combination works out over the next few weeks. Sure hope the Glock on my ankle is reasonably comfortable, as that would be a great system for me.

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    You're a Texan and wear a Yankees shirt? Are you trying to get into a fight lol?

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    I was thinking the same thing. Go YANKS!

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  4. I alternate between a Glock 23 and.a 36. I pocket carry a kel Tec pf9 while at work

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    i have carried everything from 22 to 44 mag i have settled on a RUGER LC9 with LAZER MAX , i find this firearm to be the perfect balance mean a 9mm in a defence load is quite a stopper yes it does not hold 3,000 rounds and in my opinion someone that need that high a capacity magazine need lessons and practice . seven rounds is good enough for me .......................
    WELL I HAVE NOW GONE TWO STEPS UP, YESTERDAY I GOT A KIMBER WITH A 3 INCH BARREL [I FOUND THE THE 5 INCH BARREL TO MUCH FOR ALL DAY CARRY] it is lite and a perfect fit ! ! ! it only has 7 round, but who would want to get hit with a 45 ? ? ? ?
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  6. I have carried high cap pistols. Still do when I can dress around my P95 9 mm or my Sig Sauer 226 in 40 or 357 Sig. I have also carried smaller pistols and revolvers that are easier to conceal like snubbies in 32,38, or 357 mag and pocket pistols in 22,25, and 380. I never felt comforted by packing the weak rounds once you add in poor sights and low capacity of pocket pistols and most snubbies. I have also never cared for single stack autos in any caliber because every time I have had to use a firearm to defend myself I've fired no less than 15 rounds. Four legged threats don't know that they should be more afraid of a 45 than a 9. 2 legged threats usually have friends. I now carry a Glock 29 10 mm as my go to gun. The higher capacity mixed with the heat of the 10 mm and my spare mags are G20 15 rounders means I have brought enough gun and its compact size makes it easy enough to carry that its there when I need it.I use a Theis IWB holster set about 4 o'clock.I also shoot at least 10 rounds a week through it so I hit what I aim at.

  7. Sig Sauer P227R
    .45 Cal. absolute stopping power!

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    I swear by my Bersa Thunder 380, never leave home without it.

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    Beretta Nano BU9, Walther PPQ 9mm, or H&K P30 v3 9mm
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    What I could afford, Bersa Thunder 380CC. It is comfortable to shoot, but a little large for a pocket gun. Looking to replace it with a larger caliber like the Shield 9mm or Beretta Nano, and a smaller/lighter 380 like the Beretta Pico or Taurus TCP.

  11. I have two carry guns both are Rugers. the SR9c and SR40c. both conceal well and I can use the same IBW holster for both.

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