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Thread: What type of gun do you typically carry for you concealed?

  1. I carry a S & W Bodyguard.

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    congrats on the new permit. I like to carry a Taurus tcp 738 .380. I did a lot of research before I bought this gun. It is small and still packs a nice punch. I use a Sticky IWB holster and I love it. For the winter I carry my Taurus g2 .40 it larger so easier to conceal in the winter months, same holster.

  4. My edc is the xds .45, I also rotate in my Ruger sr9c.

  5. I was cc'ing a walther ppk/s but just recently I switched to the 2013 model ruger lcp. What a difference in ease of carry with the lcp. I put a hogue rubber grip that really helped with the snappiness and a mag grip extension. It will never be as fun to shoot as the ppk, but I don't carry it because it is fun to shoot.

  6. I carry Xds .45 in a Crossbreed Mini tuck.

  7. M&P 40c

  8. Smith & Wesson 639

  9. I carry a Kimber Pro Carry ll with crimson grips in a CrossBreed IWB holster or a Glock 23 OWB in the winter and a XDS 45 CrossBreed Ankle or a Para Officer in the summer months! Love that Para 45 1911!!!

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    Today my G-27, a guy at work wanted to see it, normaly a G-23 or Kimber Ultra CDP ii
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    I carry the Kahr P9 with night sights. I've added a rubber bra on the grip that feels really good. I like the P9 because it's a point and shoot pistol with no safeties and my small hands have trouble with the double stack mags. I carry it in a Gaunt Leatherworks (Missouri) IWB holster. Comfortable for me.

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